Replacement Skimmer Pinwheel Impellers (DISCONTINUED)

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Skimz I-SAP1200 Replacement Skimmer Impeller

SKU: 208846

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PWI-QPS6.0-P Replacement Skimmer Impeller for QPS6.0

SKU: 211216

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Replace your cracked, damaged, crazed, or just plain dirty Skimz components with genuine Skimz replacement parts!


Skimz Impeller Sizes

 Your Skimmer Pump

 Skimz Replacement Impeller Number  BRS SKU
ES2000 PWI-ES2000 208805
ES2800 PWI-ES2800 208806
ES5000 PWI-ES5000 208807
VSC1.2 PWI-VSC1.2 210164
VSC2.1 PWI-VSC2.1 210165
VSC4.0 PWI-VSC4.0 210166
VSC6.0 PWI-VSC6.0 210167
DC9.0 PWI-VSC9.0 210168
SAP1200 I-SAP1200 208846
QPS1.2 PWI-QPS1.2-P 211213
QPS2.0 PWI-QPS2.0-P 211214
QPS4.0 PWI-QPS4.0-P 211215
QPS6.0 PWI-QPS6.0-P 211216
QPS9.0 PWI-QPS9.0-P 211217
LS6000s PWI-LS6000s-P 210746
LS6000 PWI-LS6000-P 210747
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SKU Skimz Replacement Skimmer Impeller
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Product Questions

Does the replacement skimz skimmer pump come complete with impeller as well? Or is it just the pump motor?
Question by: JT on May 25, 2016, 3:27 AM
Great question!
This will include impeller and pump. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor on May 25, 2016, 4:24 PM