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Replacement Sponges - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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GLM002 Replacement Sponge for BR83 - Skimz

SKU: 209863

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$0.76 $1.91
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GLM003 Replacement Sponge for NM122/CM122 - Skimz

SKU: 208765

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$0.76 $1.91
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GLM005 Replacement Sponge for NM202/NM202H/CM202/CM202H - Skimz

SKU: 208767

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GLM006 Replacement Sponge for NM122/CM122 Secondary Chamber - Skimz

SKU: 208768

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GLM007 Replacement Sponge CM202/CM202H/NM202/NM202H Secondary Chamber - Skimz

SKU: 208770

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GLM012 Replacement Sponge for FM100/BR100 - With Holes - Skimz

SKU: 208763

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$0.57 $1.43
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    Sponges will go bad over time, and collect detritus that would normally be free floating in your aquarium. If you have lost, worn, or simply just want extra sponges on hand we carry a wide variety of OE Skimz Replacement Parts.


    Replacement Sponges for Skimz Protein Skimmers and Reactors.

    Skimz Sponge Compatibility Chart
     Your Skimmer  Skimz Model Number  BRS SKU
    BR100, or BR103 GLM001 208770
    BR83 GLM002 209863
    NM122 and CM122 GLM003 208765
     NM152 and CM152 GLM004 208766
    NM202/202H and CM202/202H GLM005 208767
    NM122, NM152, CM152, and CM122 (second chamber) GLM006 208768
    CM202, CM202H, NM202,NM202H (second chamber) GLM007 208770
    CM93 and RR93 GLM008 209864
    CM113 and RR113 GLM009 209865
    CM204, NM204, and RR204 GLM010 208769
    FM100 and BR100 GLM012 208763
    FM150, CM153, RR153, CM154, RR154, and NM154 GLM013 208764
    SH1 GLM014 208762
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    Product Name Replacement Sponges - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)
    SKU Skimz Replacement Sponge
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