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Skimz BR83
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BR83 Monzter Biopellet Reactor - Skimz

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Quick Overview

Skimz Monzter BR83 biopellet reactor is great, easy to use internal biopellet reactor.  Biopellets can help remove nitrates by the use of a bacteria that will colonize on the biopellets.  BRS suggests 1 cup or 236 mL of biopellets per 50 gallons of total system water volume.

  • Great for tanks up to 75 gallons

  • 2.75" body

  • 400 mL max capacity

  • Super quiet VSC1200-DC pump

  • DC pump has external controller for easy tuning of flow

  • Screw off lid is very easy to remove for cleaning of built in strainer

  • 3/4" barbed outlet (comes with short piece of silicone tubing)

  • 6" L x 4.25" W x 14.5" T

  • Hanging bracket can be used for tanks with glass or acrylic 3/4" think

  • Hanging bracket can be used for standard or eurobraced tanks


Full Details

Owners Manual.pdf

Solid carbon dosing (biopellets) has recently become an extremely popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. The exact method of denitrification can be different for each tank but it mainly consists of a few things:


  • Nitrate laden Bacteria is removed via the protein skimmer
  • Bacteria directly converts nitrite into nitrous oxide so nitrate is never produced
  • Bacteria consumes nitrates and processes them down into nitrogen gas
  • Nitrate laden Bacteria is consumed by tank inhabitants like corals and sponges


Depending on the system it should take 4-8 weeks for the bacteria population to multiply and begin its work on your nitrates. Once you have the reactor going we suggest not making any adjustments for 8 weeks. Give the media and bacteria time to adjust to the parameters found in your tank and begin working. The absolute best advice we can give with this system is to set it up and forget about it for two months. Unless something is obviously not right, resist all temptation to make any changes until the two months are up.

BRS suggests 1 cup or 236 mL per 50 gallons of aquarium water


4 Items

  • Works Great with One Exception By Scott on 8/15/2016

    The small footprint, quality build, DC pump with it's easily adjustable flow as well as being able to stop for maintenance makes this a very cool reactor. The only down side is the top does clog with small Bio Pellets as they slowly dissolve. However, click button to turn off pump, take off the top and then cleaning only takes a few minutes.
  • works just how I needed it to By Dustin on 3/23/2016

    I had bought this reactor with the hopes I could hang it on the outside of my tank and have the pump suction cup to the inside of the tank "suction cups sold separately". Then I directed the return towards my hang-on eshopp skimmer the way these two work together are great. Very satisfied with the purchase from BRS.
  • Excellent after a few months By Sonny on 1/21/2016

    Did not buy this here but it has never clogged up except the top. Opened up the vents a bit and the output goes into a tiny sock 3-4". Even overloaded it with 600ml and on speed 3. Used everything pellets and regular pellets in a mix. 2/3 all in one and 1/3 regular. The little pump just jeeps going. A+++ for this.
  • Worth it!! By BadaBing on 9/5/2015

    DC pump, let's u easily adjust the flow, I used a piece of BRS 1/2" silicon tubing to put the outlet close to my skimmer, sits in sump and can attach with bracket to wall, silent!!


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