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Electrical safety is one of our top concerns when working with saltwater equipment. Keeping your outlets dry and removing any possibility of water getting to them is imperative for your tanks safety and your own. The Seneye DRi Box can hold smaller power strips and lets you route your power cords into an out of the box keeping them safe from water drips.


The Seneye DRi box is a great safety and aesthetic addition to any system. The seneye DRi is a waterproof connection box that allows you to keep your electrical connections safe and tidy; best of all there is no need for rewiring or expensive electricians. Keeping all the power connections in a waterproof box removes the chance of drips and spills causing an electrical issue, or even worse, a fire.  With lockable clips and double soft seals on each wire, the DRi box is UV stable, and great for aquariums or ponds.

  • Lockable Clip Top
  • IP55 rated against dust and water
  • Allows you to keep 4 way power extension bars protected even, with timers.


Special features such as double soft seals on each wire, a 360 degree soft seal on the inside on inside of the lid and an individual strain relief on cables keeps everything safe and DRi. Made from UV stable polypropylene the DRi won’t fade or crack outdoors. Buy one today and avoid electrocution or damage to equipment from those inevitable water splashes, showers and spills.

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