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RR117 Recirculating Biopellet Reactor - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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    A recirculating biopellet reactor can be fine tuned to the amount of effluent that works best for your system, and with a controllable DC pump you can fine tune the flow and tumble within the reactor. With the Skimz RR113 Biopellet reactor you do not need any feed pump like most other recirculating reactor, the DC powered pump will automatically draw in water as it is needed thanks to its specially designed intake system. The Skimz RR153 can also be used with any other type of media that needs to be tumbled.

    • Biopellet Media Capacity: 1200mL/5 Cups
    • Phosphate Media Capacity: 1000mL/4.25 Cups
    • Dimension: 6.1" x 6.1" x 19.3" (LxWxH)
    • Method of feeding: Self-suction water intake
    • Reactor body diameter: 4.3"
    • Reactor pump: Skimz Quiet Pro QP2.0
    • Power consumption: 22W


    Solid carbon dosing (biopellets) has recently become an extremely popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. The exact method of denitrification can be different for each tank but it mainly consists of a few things:

    • Nitrate laden Bacteria is removed via the protein skimmer
    • Bacteria directly converts nitrite into nitrous oxide so nitrate is never produced
    • Bacteria consumes nitrates and processes them down into nitrogen gas
    • Nitrate laden Bacteria is consumed by tank inhabitants like corals and sponges


    Depending on the system it should take 4-8 weeks for the bacteria population to multiply and begin its work on your nitrates. Once you have the reactor going we suggest not making any adjustments for 8 weeks. Give the media and bacteria time to adjust to the parameters found in your tank and begin working. The absolute best advice we can give with this system is to set it up and forget about it for two months. Unless something is obviously not right, resist all temptation to make any changes until the two months are up.


    BRS suggests 1 cup or 236 mL of biopellets per 50 gallons of aquarium water


     Skimz RR117 Owner's Manual

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    Product Name RR117 Recirculating Biopellet Reactor - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)
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