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Remy's Display Refugium Starter Kit

$649.99 $649.99

1 x Long Cuboid Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium - 9.1 Gallon   + $0.00
1 x WiFi Aquarium Heater Controller   + $0.00
1 x 100W Titanium Heater Element   + $0.00
1 x Tidal 35 HOB Power Filter   + $0.00
1 x Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light - White Body   + $0.00
1 x Prime Flex Arm - 12 Inch   + $0.00
1 x 20 Lbs LifeRock Dry Live Rock   + $0.00
1 x 20 lb. Special Grade Arag-Alive! Reef Sand   + $0.00

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    While building a refugium for display might not be the first idea that would occur to you, they can add some amazing beauty with the many varieties of macroalgae and other creatures. This can open up a new facet to your hobby with the incredible diversity of life that you wouldn’t normally be able to keep or observe in a main display aquarium. Remy's Display Refugium Starter Kit includes all of the major equipment you’ll need to get your display refugium started. The kit includes substrate and rock to provide structure for mounting your macroalgae and other organisms, as well as necessary light, heat, and basic filtration to provide for a thriving environment.


    Bundle Includes


    9.1 gallon Long Cuboid Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium

    AquaMaxx brings to you professional grade aquariums that are handcrafted by artisans and made with ultra-clear low-iron glass. These gorgeous frameless aquariums provide clear and unobstructed views of your tank inhabitants; whether it is a freshwater or saltwater ecoscape. Each tank is meticulously assembled, tested then inspected to ensure the highest quality. Rimless design provides the maximum viewing area and edges are polished to give you that luxurious look and feel!


    AI Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light

    The AI Prime HD Freshwater is great at growing plants while also bringing out the true colors in your display. Each light has 80-degree optical lenses as a standard which gives the perfect balance between spread and intensity. The LED color combination was chosen to give the best results for a freshwater aquarium, however, they also work great on display refugiums showing off its inhabitants. The included AI Prime Flex Arm provides a convenient and easy to install mount to position your light above the aquarium.


    Tidal 35 HOB Power Filter

    TIDAL hang on filters are designed from the ground up to provide the aquarium with high-quality, easy to implement, comprehensive filtration. For simplicity’s sake and for ease of maintenance, HOB filters are a great option for a small display refugium like this. They are easy to use and adaptable to a variety of aquarium conditions. The Tidal filters can be set up in seconds by hanging them right on the side of your aquarium.


    100W Titanium Aquarium Heater System - WiFi

    The Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Aquarium Heater System is a complete temperature control system that includes a virtually unbreakable titanium heating element paired with an Inkbird ITC-306a Wi-Fi Aquarium Temperaturere Controller which sets new standards in safety and reliability. The heater controller includes two large LCD displays for an instant readout of your tank's temp, and features an App that can push Wi-Fi notifications should anything be amiss.

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