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Quick Overview

Reef Salt has been specifically designed for demanding LPS and SPS tanks that do not use the probiotic method but require a high-quality salt with balanced parameters required for reef tanks.

Three Sizes Available:

  • 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 70 gallons*

  • 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 155 gallons*

  • 25 kg Box - Makes up to 175 gallons*


*Mixing @ 33ppt

  • Quick Overview

Reef Salt has been specifically designed for demanding LPS and SPS tanks that do not use the probiotic method but require a high-quality salt with balanced parameters required for reef tanks.

Three Sizes Available:

  • 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 70 gallons*
  • 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 155 gallons*
  • 25 kg Box - Makes up to 175 gallons*


*Mixing @ 33ppt

Reef Salt - Aquaforest

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22 kg Reef Salt
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25 kg Box Reef Salt
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Aquaforest's Reef Salt is by far one of the best all around salts on the market for coral reef tanks. The parameters closely resemble ideal conditions found around ocean reefs and by following an Aquaforest system you can have a colorful, growing reef tank in no time.  The balance of elements, along with the high-quality components used to manufacture the salt allows it to mix quickly for immediate use.

  • Bromide Free
  • Nitrate and Phosphate free
  • Mixes quickly
  • Stable pH


How to Choose a Salt Mix:

it is very important to take your tanks requirements into account when choosing a salt mix. We suggest selecting a salt that closely resembled the balance of elements that is most similar to the range you wish to keep them at in your aquarium. 



Cl – 19000-19500 mg/l

Na – 10500-10600 mg/l

Mg – 1300-1380 mg/l

S – 840-890 mg/l

Ca – 410-440 mg/l

K – 380-400 mg/l

F – 1.2-1.3 mg/l

Fe – 0.08-0.09 mg/l

Sr – 7-9 mg/l

dKH – 7.4-8.2

pH – 7.8-8.2



Mixing Instructions:

Dissolve salt with RO/DI water in a clean container. To achieve a salinity of 33 ppt, we suggest starting with 1 kg (2.2lbs) of Probiotic reef salt per 7.1 gallons (27 liters) of RO/DI water. Stir the mixture vigorously until it is fully dissolved and clear. Once the solution is transparent check the salinity with a refractometer and then it can be used right away.


Note: We highly recommend heating your freshly made saltwater to match your tanks temperature, allowing for the best results.


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  • Parameters off! By Adi on 10/26/2017

    The parameters measured vs the printed batch sheet was way off. In particular, the mg which was consistently above 1500, measured via salifert. I used two different kits but result was the same. Otherwise, mixability and cal, alk were upto mark. Not worth the price. Switching back to red sea
  • Had issues By mis on 6/11/2017

    1st Bucket went great. Good parameters and was amazed at the fast dissolving. 2nd bucket the salt hardened into the shape of the bucket. Drove too far to buy so I didn't return it. 3rd bucket half way thru the salt just turned blue. It was property stored in it's bag and bucket. Didn't trust using it. Decided to just switch back to red sea.
  • Good, not great salt By chris on 6/8/2017

    Overall I don't have many problems with the salt. It mixes really quickly and is the cleanest salt I have used thus far. Very little precipitation when mixed. My storage tanks are in my garage and exposed to the Tx heat so I haven't used a salt brand yet that wont precipitate some when the water temp is up to 89* in the tanks. This so far is the cleanest of them all.

    Params are a little outside what I like but I do small daily water changes so they don't impact my overall tank params. Mag is pretty high and my tank mag is in the 1500 range because of it, I haven't noticed a downside to that yet though so its not a problem for me.

  • Not bad By Jas on 5/9/2017

    It does the job, not sure it's better than any other salt. Strange sweet smell from my tanks when this salt is the main salt used. I prefer natural seawater aroma. High Mg, good ALK level
  • so far so good By Pt on 5/1/2017

    I have only done two batches but for me a good salt for the same reason maybe some do not like it I run a calcium reactor so the low alk is a plus since mine will run a bit high mixes faster and cleaner than anything i've tried so far I think its as good as the premium brands and a lot cheaper.
  • Not consistent By Daniel on 3/28/2017

    I had gone through a few different boxes of this salt, both different lot numbers. Each batch was inconsistent and either very high in magnesium, low in DKH , high in Ca. Could never dial in comp 1,2,3 with this product. Also the water was always yellow after mixing and even in the bucket after mixing it had a yellow residue. At the price of this salt, I shouldn't have to be altering the parameters for a water change. No longer a aquaforest user and staying far away for AF.

  • Parameters Way Off By Jeff on 3/27/2017

    Bought first box which was manufactured in June 2016 and used it in a new tank without testing the mix first. Found out later that Mg was >1500 even though the included spec sheet stated 1350.

    Thinking that this was a bad batch from from an otherwise reputable company I ordered a second box. Tested it first this time and again in excess of 1500 Mg plus over 500 for Cal and 8.2dkh for Alk. Completely different batch/lot number manufactured in Oct 2016. Not even close to what was printed on the test sheet or what was advertised. This is WAY outside of normal mix variation or random bad batches which speaks to an ongoing quality control issue.

    BRS, being awesome once again, refunded me for the 2nd box.
  • Params off: High Ca + Mg By Michael on 3/25/2017

    If you research this salt, there are multiple reports of high Ca/Mg on Reef2Reef, Reef Central, and Facebook. I'd hoped those were things of the past and it seemed to work for other users, but mine tests at Ca 520, Mg 1530 @ 34ppt. Two different calibrated refractometers. Purchased 02/17, shows a manufacture date of 11/16. The users here report good params, yet there are plenty of reports of bad params and my salt is bad. Buyer beware. I wish BRS could do an investigate or even report # complaints on this product.
  • best By dino on 3/24/2017

    this salt dissolve fast and spot on
  • Really impressed with this salt! By Corky on 3/15/2017

    I've been using HW for three years I love it but I didn't like the residue . I now really like this salt and dissolve supper fast and my numbers are sot on!
  • Water turns yellow and very low ALK By Pablos Reef on 2/27/2017

    Just made a video comparing to another new salt. Had high hopes but Alk was way to low 6.2-6.6 dKH, Ca 460-480, Mg 1440 and the water turns a yellowish color. For the price you are better off going with another salt.
  • Excellent Salt By Rich on 2/6/2017

    Dissolves faster than anything I have used before. Parameters are great, leaves no residue.


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Product Questions

Can Aquaforest Reef Salt be stored mixed , I purchased Reef Salt instead of Probiotic Reef Salt because I keep a larger batch mixed up then I use weekly , but on the container instructions it says to use within 5 days
Question by: darwin larson on Nov 16, 2016 9:38:00 AM
Great question! We do recommend following the manufacturer's directions for use. Using the product within their recommended time frame will help ensure that the levels claimed by them are still within those ranges. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Nov 16, 2016 11:01:00 AM