Ozone Generators

Bulkreefsupply.com carries ozone generators from Ozotech and Enaly as well as a kit to get you up and running with everything you need. Using Ozone will have the many benefits in the aquarium:
  • Healthier corals and increased polyp extension due to the oxidation and breakdown of corals defensive toxins
  • Consistently clear water and proper light penetration due to the oxidation and breakdown of color pigments
  • Increased skimmer efficiency due to ozone causing waste particle to attract each other creating larger easier to filter particles
  • Oxidation and breakdown of fish waste and uneaten food
Safety Note: BRS strongly recommend using ozone in conjunction with an ORP controller to ensure it is used safely. It is extremely important to use carbon on both the air and water output of the reactor or protein skimmer. Ozone is not healthy to breath in large quantities so if you can smell it in your home at all please change the carbon.
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