Pro-Elite Series Dual Stage CO2 Regulator (OPEN BOX)

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Experience Unmatched Precision with CO2Art's Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator

  • Integrated 12V DC solenoid valve 
  • Stainless steel dual pressure gauges 
  • Integrated needle valve
  • Bubble counter with built-in check valve
  • Extendable manifold block
  • CGA320 standard threads


CO2Art's Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator is engineered with dual-stage precision, guaranteeing stable CO2 output even as pressure drops in the cylinder. This innovative design safeguards your aquarium from sudden fluctuations, ensuring consistent CO2 levels that promote lush, vibrant plant growth.

The most precise injection is possible thanks to a high precision needle valve with an integrated bubble counter allowing to adjust the pressure accurately. The customized manifold block is extendible, which means that you can run multiple diffusers with only one CO2 regulator. The pressure can be adjusted on each manifold separately allowing to run different CO2 levels in different tanks individually. 

The stem thread is made according to North America/CGA320 standard. This CO2 regulator is compatible with all CO2Art tubes and accessories.



CO2Art Regulator Comparison Chart

  Pro-Elite Series (Currently Viewing) Pro-SE Series
Warranty 10 Years 5 Years
Construction Dual Stage Dual Stage
Integrated 12VDC Solenoid Valve
Maximum Working Pressure 80PSI / 5.5Bar 40PSI / 2.7Bar
Pressure Stabilization ~ 1PSI ~ 5PSI
Bubble Counter with integrated check valve
Inline Atomizer Compatible
In-Tank Bazooka Atomizers Compatible
Standard Ceramic Diffuser Compatible
Low-pressure Reactor Compatible
End Of Tank Dump (EOTD) Prevention
Adjustable Working Pressure
CGA320 Connection Option
Stackable Outlets X
Multi-Diffuser compatibility X


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