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The Photon V2+ breaks away from the ugly “Black Boxes” of the past, boasting high-end hardware with a beautiful slim profile at an affordable price.


The Photon series is ReefBreeders flagship line of lights, and the second generation of the Photons brings many features you would expect from higher priced fixtures, backed by a 2 year warranty. Over the last several years, Reefbreeders has become one of the most popular and respected names in reef lighting thanks to the excellent quality of their fixtures and great customer support.



  • Quality LED diodes from Cree, Semi LED & Osram
  • Extremely low-profile
  • Nearly silent active cooling
  • Multiple mounting options included
  • Wireless Control
  • 2 Year Warranty


For most of us, the results we see in our tanks with coral coloration and vitality are the first thing we judge a light by. The Photon 50-V2+ uses 88x 5 watt and 3 watt LEDs carefully chosen from top manufacturers like Cree, Semi LED, and Osram.  The Photon V2+ delivers excellent coloration to our tanks and is adjustable through six channels to get the color balance that's perfect for you. By going with quality diode manufacturers instead of cheap knockoffs, you can have confidence in your fixture to provide the best spectrum for your corals. The Photon LED arrays have been refined through years of research and hands-on reefkeeping to deliver not only great colors, but to target photosynthetic spectrums and drive healthy growth.


The heart of the fixture is the LEDs, but we want to create living works of art in our home, so we also want a fixture that won't detract from our aquariums. Unlike most cheap black box manufacturers that we're used to seeing, Reefbreeders uses a 100% extruded aluminum housing instead of a steel case, so you don't have to worry about your fixture rusting around your saltwater tank. They also include mounting hardware for wire suspension or tank mounting legs. There are also T track slots on the top for alternative DIY mounting solutions. The Photon V2+s are cooled with silent, temperature-controlled fans. The Air moves over the heat-sink and never comes into contact with the internal electronics, keeping all components cool and dry.


The new Photon V2+ includes a wireless hand-held controller that can program multiple Photon V2+ units at the same time. Programming your light cycle is extremely easy. Just program the intensity you would like for each hour during the daylight and night time cycle. You can program the light to change all 6 channels every hour for a sunrise, sunset, and moonlight simulation. The new smart controller will then take that hourly program, and automatically break it into 10 smooth ramping points for more realistic transitions between day and night. Because of the WiFi signal the controller uses, you can even program your lights through a canopy while comfortably seated across the room.


Recommended Coverage:

  • FOWLR/Softy: 24"W x 72"L
  • Mixed Reef/LPS: 24"W x 60"L
  • SPS: 24"W x 50"L


LED Distribution:

  • 20x 5500 Kelvin White (5w Cree XP-E)
  • 24x 450nm Royal Blue (5w Cree XT-E)
  • 16x 480nm Cool Blue (3w Cree XP-E)
  • 20x 420nm Violet (3w Semi LED)
  • 4x 520nm Green (3w Semi LED)
  • 4x 660nm Deep Red (3w Osram)



  • Dimensions: 47.5" L x 8.5" W x 1" H
  • Wire Suspension: 8"-30 above light
  • Tank Mount Height: 5"-11"
  • Tank Mount Leg Extension: 49"-64"
  • Cable Length: 9ft from fixture to power supply, 6ft from wall to power supply.
  • Total Power: 240watts Max, 90-220V AC Input, 48V DC 2000ma max output
  • Warranty: 24 Months


What's Included?

  • Photon 50-V2+
  • Wireless Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Adjustable Ceiling Suspension Kit
  • Tank Mount Legs
  • Manual
More Information
Product Name Photon 50-V2+ - ReefBreeders (DISCONTINUED)
SKU 213053
Out of stock message DISCONTINUED
UPC 781307519982
Lighting Type LED
Number of LEDs 88
Max. Light Coverage (Length) 72 in.
Max. Light Coverage (Width) 24 in.
Wattage 240W
Control Type WiFi (Included), Digital DC Control (Controller Included)
Compatible with Controllers Apex
Included Mounting Wire Suspension, Mounting Legs
Color Black
Power Cord Length 9 Feet
Bulb Color/Temperature 5,500K, Actinic, Blue, Green, Purple, Red
Warranty 2 year
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