Maxspect Lagoon Smart Aquarium (32 Gallon)

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Maxspect Lagoon Smart Aquarium - 32 Gallon (Black)

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Maxspect Lagoon Smart Aquarium - 32 Gallon (White)

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More Than Just an Aquarium - Recreate the Ocean in Your Living Room

  • Filtration, Pumps, and More Included!
  • Smart Functionality
  • Ultra-Clear Front and Side Panels

The Maxspect Lagoon smart aquariums aren't like most of the aquariums available to the saltwater aquarium hobby. Sure, the Lagoon aquariums are beautifully crafted from ultra-clear glass, feature aluminum framed stands, and include everything you need to get started, but what really sets them apart is the thought and smart technology built into the Lagoon aquariums. Everything is powered by Maxspect's Syna-G app, where you can take control of your aquarium at any time from anywhere. 


Aquarium & Stand

Maxspect's Lagoon Series aquariums come in four different sizes ranging from 32 gallons all the way up to 99 gallons. Regardless of size, each one is made using ultra-clear glass on the front and side panels. The internal overflow box features a modular overflow weir and water outlets, meaning you can have your return lines exit from the front or sides of your overflow box-- your choice. The Weir is also removable for easy cleaning. The plumbing system is set up as a Herbie-Style overflow with a primary standpipe and emergency drain, making the aquarium both safer and quiet. 


Model LS-060 LS-090 LS-120 LS-150
Display Water Volume 32 Gallons 48 Gallons 80 Gallons 99 Gallons
Display Tank Dimensions (L x W x H) 24" x 20" x 20" 36" x 20" x 20" 48" x 22" x 22" 60" x 22" x 22"
Glass Thickness 3/8" | 10mm 1/2" | 12mm 1/2" | 12mm 5/8" | 15mm
Cabinet Height 35" 35" 35" 35"


The stand's foundation is built from aluminum with an anti-corrosion coating and the cabinet exterior is made with PVC coated waterproof boards. The end result is a strong, durable foundation for your new aquarium while maintaining the modern aesthetic appeal. Larger models have a separate compartment away from the sump that is perfect for housing a chiller, calcium reactor, or other equipment.


Maxspect Lagoon Aquarium Stand


Filtration & Flow

The Lagoon aquariums come with all the filtration and flow solutions you need to get up and running. Each system includes a Jump Gyre in-tank powerhead for water circulation, a Turbine Duo DC Return Pump to keep water flowing through the sump, and a Jump MJ-SK Series Protein Skimmer for water filtration and oxygenation. The system also features mechanical filtration with two filter socks to trap particulates for easy removal.


Model 32 Gallon - LS-060 48 Gallon - LS-090 80 Gallon - LS-120 99 Gallon - LS-150
Flow Pump(s) Included (1x) Jump 2K Gyre (1x) Jump 4K Gyre (2x) Jump 2K Gyre (2x) Jump 4K Gyre
Return Pump Included Turbine Duo 6K Turbine Duo 9K Turbine Duo 12K Turbine Duo 12K
Skimmer Included MJ-SK400 MJ-SK400 MJ-SK400 MJ-SK800
Mechanical Filtration (2x) Filter Socks (2x) Filter Socks (2x) Filter Socks (2x) Filter Socks
Sump Volume 17.9 Gallons 17.9 Gallons 29.1 Gallons 35.9 Gallons


Maxspect Lagoon Aquarium - Open Stand


Smart Technology

Nearly every device included with the Lagoon Series aquariums can be connected to the Maxspect Syna-G app (iOS/Android), which allows you to monitor and control your aquarium from anywhere in the world. This means precise and flexible control over your aquarium without having to switch between multiple apps. The Lagoon aquariums also include temperature monitoring for the display and sump, water level monitoring, and a dedicated space for your electrical equipment


Maxspect Syna-G Cloud App


Note: Jump MJ-165 light fixture(s) sold separately.

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Aquarium Size 30 - 40 Gallons
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