LumenBar V2 High Octane UV LED Strip Light - 24 inch (OPEN BOX)

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For those who want the output of a T5HO bulb, but without the extra heat, power draw, bulky reflectors, or bulb changes.


ReefBreeders has carefully crafted their new LumenBar Color light bars to mimic the output of a T-5 bulb, so that you can easily add supplemental lighting to your tank using power-efficient, slim LED bars. 

  • Available in four separate color layouts
  • Ultra-slim 1”x1” profile
  • IP65 Rated for Water Resistance
  • Constructed from high-quality extruded aluminum
  • Integrates seamlessly with Photon V2+ and ATI Sunpower fixtures
  • Articulated mounting brackets included
  • 1 Year Warranty


Each LumenBar is IP65 water resistant and ultra thin, featuring 3watt Epistar chips that are run at optimal power efficiency. They are designed to integrate seamlessly into Photon V2+ and ATI Sunpower lighting systems, and all necessary mounting hardware is included. Choose from 4 different color combinations, or mix & match for further customization. Run these alongside your main fixture for supplemental lighting, or use them as a standalone for shallow reef tanks, planted tanks, or refugiums.

The Colors

  • Reefer 14k - Optimal mix of white and colored LEDs with a 14,000K output
    • 450nm Royal Blue
    • 4500K Neutral White
    • 430nm Violet
  • High Octane UV - Closest to a true T5HO actinic bulb-- great for SPS corals
    • 430nm Violet
    • 385nm True UV
    • 405nm Violet
  • Royal Ice - Ideal for adding color pop in reef tanks
    • 450nm Royal Blue
    • 480nm Cool Blue
  • Blue/UV Hybrid - Great mix of color pop and brightness
    • 450nm Royal Blue
    • 430nm Violet
    • 480nm Cool Blue
    • 385nm True UV


  • Dimensions: 1"W x 1"H x 23.6"
  • LEDs: 3 watt Epistar chips
  • Compatibility: ATI Sunpower, Photon V2+, other light fixtures of similar length
  • Warranty: 12 Months


Sizes Available

24” (18 total 3 watt LEDs)

36” (27 total 3 watt LEDs)

48” (36 total 3 watt LEDs)

60” (45 total 3 watt LEDs)

What's Included?

  • 1x LumenBar Color light bar
  • 2x Articulating mounting brackets
  • 4x 3mm Phillips head screws
  • 1x ATI hardware kit
  • 1x Photon V2 hardware kit
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