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LOOP Orbit R24 Reef LED w/ eFlux Pumps Bundle - Nano

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Perfect for mixed reef aquariums up to 24″ (SPS reefs 20″x20″) with built-in filtration (AIO).


This convenient bundle from Current USA combines coral-specific lighting with controllable return and wave pumps to create the ideal smart system for any nano AIO reef tank up to 2ft. All bundled items are controllable with your iOS or Android smartphone via the included Current USA LOOP Bluetooth controller, which monitors water temperature and connects the entire system within the LOOP Smart Aquarium App. Schedule lighting on/off times, adjust wave pump flow modes, dial in return water flow, slow things down with feed mode – all with a simple touch!


  • Simple installation-- provides everything you need for lighting and water flow
  • Orbit R24 LED Reef light for vivid colors, natural shimmer, and peak coral growth
  • Flex Arm with tank mount* bracket for easy installation and adjustability
  • 660gph eFlux Wave Pump to mimic water currents vital for coral health
  • 530gph eFlux DC Pump for efficient water circulation
  • Smart App control on mobile device via LOOP Bluetooth Controller with temperature sensor


*Fits tanks up to 1" thick. Larger framed tanks will require a Tank Mount Stand Adaptor (sold separately)


Orbit R24 Reef LED

Current USA’s new Orbit R24 is the perfect LED reef light for those keeping SPS corals in a nano or AIO aquarium. It combines 52 watts of powerful, blue-dominant LEDs with a solid aluminum, compact marine-grade body-- all at an affordable price. The Orbit R24 even includes true ultraviolet (400-405nm) LEDs behind proprietary silicone lenses, which protects them from clouding or degrading over time. The Orbit R24 can also be controlled wirelessly with either the Bluetooth LOOP App for your smartphone or via a LOOP IR Remote Control.

  • Ideal for nano reefs and AIO aquariums
  • Blue-dominant, SPS-coral-specific spectrum
  • Proprietary optical lenses for efficiency, shimmer, and color blending
  • Marine-grade solid aluminum body
  • Active cooling with wide-channel heat sink
  • Full 4-channel color control with 0-100% adjustable intensity
  • 24 5w Dual LED chips
    • 8 x Blue (420-445nm)
    • 8 x Royal Blue (450-460nm)
    • 2 x Ultraviolet (400-405nm)
    • 4 x Cool White
    • 1 x Lime Green
    • 1 x True Red
  • 100 PAR at 24" height


This package includes LOOP Bluetooth App control. Bluetooth-based controls to allows for all of your lights, wave pumps, dc pumps, and temperature controls to run on one app. Instead of having to connect each individual piece of equipment to a Bluetooth network, the Current USA LOOP products are all wired together and controlled via a single Bluetooth controller that connects to your smart device. This makes for a more reliable control system that is less likely to experience network drops and disruptions.



eFlux Wave Pump (660gph)

Virtually silent, compact in size, and amazingly energy efficient, eFlux™ powerheads consume less than 1 watt per 100 gallons of water flow. A magnetic swivel bracket makes installation easy and allows the pump to be pivoted to provide precise, directional water flow. Wirelessly controlled, they can be adjusted to provide the right flow rate and flow mode for virtually any reef aquarium.

  • Silent operation
  • Compact size (2.5" x 1" x 1")
  • Wireless control
  • Precise, directional water flow
  • Multiple Flow Modes
    • Wave/Pulse – Simulates pulsing wave action. Adjustable from 0.3 to 7 seconds, flow adjustable from 10%-100%
    • Surge/Gyre – Simulates surging water currents. Adjustable from 7 to 80 seconds, flow adjustable from 10%-100%.
    • Stream/Steady – Produces a steady flow of water current. Adjustable from 10% to 100%.
    • Feed – On-demand feed mode turns pumps off for 10 minutes for coral and fish feeding.
  • Includes prefilter guard to protect pump impeller



eFlux 6008 DC Pump (520gph)

The Current USA eFlux DC Water Pumps are a completely controllable, quiet, powerful, and compact return pumps that can be installed inline or external on marine or fresh water systems.

  • Up to 65% in energy savings
  • Safe, low voltage, 24VDC
  • Controllable, adjustable flow rate -- no ball valves needed
  • Smart Feedback with the LOOP HUB
    • Alerts for unexpected issues like a blocked impeller
    • Integrated IC electronic detection for protection against running dry
    • Integrated slow start up slowly ramps pump from 0% to the preset speed over 10 seconds


What's Included?


Package Specifications

Light Coverage: 20" x 20" for SPS/LPS ; 24" x 24" for Softies/Shallow Tanks

Total System Max. Watts: 80

Max. Tank Thickness: 1" (larger framed tanks will require a Tank Mount Stand Adaptor)

More Information
UPC 842959044038
Lighting Type LED
Number of LEDs 24
Max. Light Coverage (Length) 24 in.
Max. Light Coverage (Width) 24 in.
Power Consumption 52 watts
Control Type Bluetooth
Included Mounting Gooseneck
Max Tank Thickness 1 in.
Color Black
Bulb Color/Temperature Actinic, Blue, Green, Red, UV
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Product Questions

Will this bundle work with the Ice Cap DC battery backup system?
Question by: Nick Falco on Mar 28, 2023, 10:10 PM
The Ice Cap battery backup may work with the Current USA eFlux pumps but will not power them for a long period of time.
Answer by: Scott F. (BRS Staff) on May 10, 2023, 4:15 PM
Does the DC pump have a 1/2 return fitting included?
Question by: Steve Weaver on Oct 14, 2022, 8:18 PM
This pump will come with a 3/4" and 1/2" barbed fitting.
Answer by: William Reed (BRS Staff) on Oct 20, 2022, 2:11 PM