Hanna Test Kit HI3831F - Free Chlorine for Fresh Water

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Hanna Test Kit HI3831F - Free Chlorine for Fresh Water

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Easily and inexpensively test for Free Chlorine in your fresh water. Simply add five drops of reagent 1 and three drops of reagent 2 to the color comparator cube. Add enough of your water sample to reach the 5 mL mark. Apply cap and invert cube several times. Determine which color band best matches the solution in the cube. Kit provides approximately 50 tests.

Full Details

Many cities and municipalities use chlorine or chloramines to treat the water supply. By testing for Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine, you can determine if chlorine and chloramines exist in your water.

Hanna Test Kit Free Chlorine Manual

  • Range: 0.00 to 2.50 ppm (mg/L)
  • Chemical Method: DPD
  • Measurement Method: Colormetric
  • Smallest Increment: .5 mg/L
Free chlorine reacts with ammonium ions and organic compounds to form chlorine compounds resulting in diminished disinfecting capabilities compared with free chlorine. These chlorine compounds together with chloramines form combined chlorine. Combined chlorine and excess free chlorine together result in total chlorine. While free chlorine has a much higher disinfectant potential, combined chlorine has a much higher stability and has a lesser volatility. There should be sufficient levels of unreacted free chlorine for adequate disinfection, but not so much as to become harmful.



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