Fluval Betta Premium Kit (2.64 Gal)

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Replicate the Natural Tropical Betta Habitat

  • Customizable filtration
  • Soft glow LED lighting
  • Pre-set heater to maintain temperature
  • Gentle Betta-friendly flow


When you open this kit, you'll notice that everything included comes together to achieve one goal: replicate the natural habitat of a Betta fish. It comes equipped with custom filtration, natural soft glow LED lighting, and a convenient pre-set heater. Whether you're a seasoned aquarist looking for another aquarium or someone who has never kept fish before, this kit will get you started on the right foot. 


Included Filtration

Foam Filter Block: Conveniently holds media bags while also acting as a mechanical filtration sponge

Carbon Insert: Helps to remove odor and yellowing pigments in the water

BIOMAX: Biological media to host beneficial bacteria that removes ammonia

Diffusion Chamber Pad: Final polishing stages that also help return water to the aquarium gently


Pre-Set Betta Heater

Bettas typically thrive in temperatures ranging from 76 to 82 degrees F. Without the proper temperature, Bettas can become less active, lose their appetite, or even fall ill. The included pre-set Fluval 10W P Series Heater will help you maintain a 78 degree F water temperature for your Betta without any adjustments needed. It fits nicely in the rear filtration chambers of the aquarium for a seamless look.


Soft Glow LED Lighting

In the wild, Betta habitats are often covered in floating plants and vegetation, resulting in less intense lighting below. The lighting included with the Fluval Betta kit is soft and subdued, making for a more comfortable and natural looking environment. The on/off touch switch will work with most mechanical or digital timers. Rated for over 30,000 hours of use, you'll get years of use out of the included lighting.



Dimensions: 10.75" L x 8.75" W x 14.75" H

Total water volume: 2.6 gallons

Pump Output: 16-33 GPH

Total LEDs: 4

Lumens: 230 lm

Color Temperature: 7000-8000K


What's Included?

2.6 gallon Betta aquarium

Aquarium cover

Soft glow LED light fixture & power supply

10W pre-set heater

Circulation pump

Circulation pump hose

Diffusion chamber

Carbon insert

BIOMAX insert

Diffusion chamber pad


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