Florida Crushed Coral Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand

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FL Crushed Coral Arag-Alive! Live Aragonite Reef Sand contains millions of live bacteria to create a natural biological balance in your reef tank.

  • Contains live bacteria to assist with a faster cycle
  • Grain size: 3-5.5mm
  • Great for aquariums with home-building pistol shrimp
  • High Surface Area for Bacteria


BRS suggests 1 pound of sand per 2 gallons of display tank volume on average


Caribsea's Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand is a great choice for new aquarists and new reef tank setups. Arag-Alive sands clear quickly and contain millions of live bacteria, speeding up your tanks cycle and leading to less nuisance algae.


Selecting the right sand: When choosing the right sand for your tank, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

How much flow will be in the tank?
Aquariums with high amounts of water movement will require sand with a larger grain size. Smaller particles can be blown around easily.

What kind of inhabitants will you be keeping?
Many species do require particular types of sand, like gobies, jawfish, and wrasses. Fish and invertebrates that like to burrow or sift through the sand will do best with smaller particle sizes.

Will it be for a refugium or deep sandbed?
Sand that will be used for filtration or refugium, we suggest using smaller particles that will give bacteria more surface area to grow and thrive on.


Sand Type Grain Sizes (mm) Average Density
Fiji Pink 0.5 - 1.5 90lbs per cubic foot
Special Grade 1.0 - 2.0 85lbs per cubic foot
Bahamas Oolite 0.25 - 1.0 96lbs per cubic foot
Indo-Pacific Black 0.25 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
West Caribbean Reef 1.0 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
Hawaiian Black 0.25 - 3.5 80lbs per cubic foot
Bimini Pink 0.5 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
Natural Reef 3.0 - 5.5 85lbs per cubic foot
Florida Crushed Coral 3.0 - 5.5 72lbs per cubic foot
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Product Questions

Hey BRS - do you think this would be ok to use (after rinsing) in the second chamber of a calcium reactor? I figure all the bacteria will die due to the low pH, but the grain size might be right and more cost effective than regular CA reactor media.

Thanks! Best, Peter
Question by: Peter Tucker on Sep 13, 2017, 8:52 AM
Hi Peter,
You could use crushed coral in your calcium reactors second chamber, but most calcium reactor media you will find is going to be a bit cleaner and rinsed from organics and other nutrients that you may not want dissolving in your aquarium.
Answer by: Charlie On on Sep 13, 2017, 1:01 PM