E-Marco-400 Aquascaping Mortar Complete Kit - Natural (OPEN BOX)

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Start Aquascaping Like a Pro with E-Marco 400

  • Matches with the natural color of Reef Saver dry rock
  • Can be used with any marine rock
  • Non-toxic - Triton ICP tested


Have you ever looked at those intricate saltwater aquascapes and wondered how someone was able to make all the overhangs and arches? It most likely involved MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 aquascaping mortar! This natural-colored E-Marco Mortar perfectly matches the color of Reef Saver rock for a seamless look without any extra work to disguise the "seams." Once fully cured, you'll be left with a permanent, long-lasting bond.

This 5 lb kit comes with everything you need, including a convenient mixing bucket.  



  1. Top off the MarcoRocks Liquid Polymer Concentrate pouch with freshwater. Seal bag and shake well.
  2. We recommend mixing in small amounts, making new batches as you go. Mix a small amount of powder and liquid in the bucket provided. Mix well with a spatula until contents are thick, wet, and with no lumps. Add more liquid or powder to achieve this consistency. The product has an approximate working time of 15 minutes and will reach full strength in 24 hours.

E-Marco Tips: 

  • Do not handle your new aquascape for 1-2 hours. If you must handle, do so gently. You cannot re-wet and re-work.
  • If using live rock or rock with corals on it, we suggest using a spray bottle filled with tank water and we the live rock and coral for that 1-2 hour period.


What's Included?

Mortar Powder

Liquid Polymer Concentrate

Mixing Spatula

Mixing Bucket

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