Drill Press Attachment for Hand Drills

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Drill Press Attachment for Hand Drills

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

If you have never drilled glass before it can be a bit daunting.  To make it easier we highly recommend a drill press to keep your drill from jumping around and allowing you to have nice smooth control of the drill bit.  These presses will work for many other applications where a straight, controlled hole is needed and will be a valuable tool to have around the house.


Full Details

Drilling holes in your tank may seem like an intimidating task but with the right tools it can be a complete breeze. With this attachment, once you do your first one you will wonder what all the fuss is about - it's that easy!
  • The drill guide holds your bit straight, eliminating the possibility of scratching the tank.
  • Allows you to apply slow even pressure, avoiding chips at the end.
  • Accommodates up to 65mm drill bit.


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  • Works Well By GT on 10/11/2017

    Easy to use. Just follow the instructions. Lots of vids on Utube.
  • Worth the Money By Martyd on 3/18/2017

    As mentioned, the springs need to be removed. I experienced the bit wobble too, but I don't think it's the press. Mine had no wobble without the bit (or a regular bit installed). My best guess is that the glass bits are the culprit. In any case, I was able to drill two holes in the back of my 150 g with relative ease.
  • Worked Perfectly By Lukas on 8/30/2015

    I used this to drill both the back of the overflow box and the tank. It worked perfectly. Listen to their advice though and remove the springs.
  • Use Care By jeff on 3/30/2015

    I have to buy a new one of these because the one I borrowed from a friend broke. See Ken's review. Because the vertical rods came loose during the operation, the bit caught just as it finished the hole. The drill and guide jumped off of my tank and fell to the floor while still spinning.
    I have to say this happened on the 2nd hole, the 1st hole went well. Just be cautious, especially at towards the end.
  • works nice but be careful By Ken on 1/22/2015

    It is a nice tool but beware, it will not use the 2 inch(75mm) glass cutter without modification. I had to grind the base side walls for the 2 inch(75mm) to pass through. Once I had the base modified it was easy work to cut the glass. You definitely need to hold the base though, if the cutter catches it will knock the entire jig and drill around.
  • well worth the purchase By samuel on 7/30/2013

    i drilled my first tank using this product and i was a little leery about scratching the tank. with this tool i was able to make nice clean holes with no scratches from a walking bit. good product
  • Ok but not good enough By Aron on 6/1/2013

    I think the theory behind this is great. Right out of the box it is quite sturdy and seems well built. It was easy to put together and fit my drill like a glove.
    However I still think this product is crap. I used it when I was drilling glass for the first time and even though the drill is in it correctly the very end of the bit -which touches the glass - wobbles quite a bit. To give a better idea it's a bit like a figure 8 movement. This is not a huge wobble but enough for the hole on the glass not to be a perfect hole and more importantly it puts pressure on the top and the bottom of the glass hole. I had to stop using it after my first attempt because I cracked the glass with it (on a practice tank). I think this is unacceptable especially it is advertised to make it easy for beginners. I found it easier in the end to just drill free hand....
  • Highly recommend By Brandon on 4/8/2013

    I highly recommend this tool takes all the worry about getting your hole started in the exact place you want it, now worries about the drill bit grabbing and walking across the tank and potentially ruining a nice tank.
  • Watch the vid of it carefully!!! By Ronald on 10/26/2012

    The drill press comes in very handy. Remember to take of the springs of the drill press when drilling into the glass or the extra weight of pushing it down can cause you to break the glass, it happen to me =(. Free handed it which went a lot better then watched the video of it again and noticed they took the springs off. Also use a high speed drill that will help a lot. Works good though once you know how to use it.
  • Great tool By Dale on 2/29/2012

    I dont think I would of made such great holes with out this tool and it can be used to drill almost any thing plexi or plastic
  • useful tool By Michel on 11/30/2011

    This device is really helpful. Mine is not perfectly straight so the drill bit moves in a cone shape. The holes are a little bigger and take longer to drill if it was perfectly straight. But that a minor disadvantage compare to the help it provides
  • excellent By chefrobson on 10/10/2011

    this device makes glass drilling very simplistic. mistakes don't happen anymore when you use this tool. Well worth the money.


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