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DM-2EC Commercial Dual In-Line EC Monitor

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The DM-2EC In-Line Dual Electrical Conductivity Monitor is ideal for RO systems, where you may want to monitor an input and output reading from a filtration system.

  • Measures EC (Electrical Conductivity) in µS (micro-Siemens)
  • Stronger, water-resistant casing
  • Digital Calibration
  • Backlit Display
  • XL LCD Display
  • Waterproof Cables
  • Secure Mounting Bracket
  • Perfect for residential, designed for commercial/industrial


Electrical Conductivity readings in water are a great way to measure the purity, or the concentration of a solution. The HM Digital DM-2EC is great for almost all water filtration systems, especially Reverse Osmosis Deionization systems where two points of readings may be necessary to judge the quality and performance of the system. The meter includes, easy to use, push connect fittings that will let you place each probe in-line with 1/4” RO tubing.




Range: 0-9990 µS Dual Range – Measures from 0-999 µS, with a resolution of 1 ppm. From 1000 to 9990 µS, the resolution is in 10 µS increments, indicated by a blinking ‘x10’ image.

Accuracy: ±2%

Cable Length: 46″ (including sensor), shielded cables

Sensor: Dual, 1/4″ diameter for quick-connect fittings (model SP-3, included)

Digital Calibration: Digitally factory calibrated to 1413 µS. Re-calibration can be done separately for each line.

Power source: 2 x AA batteries (included)

Battery life: Approx. 2 years


What’s Included?

1x DM-2EC Meter

2x ¼” Push Connect Tee

2x AA Batteries

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Product Questions

What is the difference between EC and TDS? Is there a way to convert between the measurements? Are there any benefits of one type of measurement over the other?
Question by: David Moore on Apr 24, 2020, 10:45 PM
Hey there,
Thank you for reaching out to us! EC stands for Electrical Conductivity and is measured in mS/cm or millisiemens per centimeter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is measured in PPM or parts per million. TDS is acquired by taking the EC value and performing a calculation to determine the TDS value. To calculate, multiply the EC reading (in milliSiemens/cm) by 1000 and divide by 2. To get an EC value, multiply the ppm reading by 2 and divide by 1000.

Please let me know if you need anything further and take care!
Answer by: Matt Lucero on May 13, 2020, 10:29 AM