The new Kessil A80 is the Mighty Mouse of aquariums LEDs. It comes in a tiny little package but packs quite a punch!

Being about the same size a hockey puck, the 15W Kessil A80 is great for Nano Reef Aquariums up to 14” x 14”, or fish-only and freshwater aquariums up to 24” x 24”.

The dense-maxtrix led along with Kessil’s unique lens and reflector design allows for excellent color blend and great light coverage. The natural shimmer cast by the light is also quite mesmerizing.

As with the A160 and A360, the A80 also features two easy-to-use tuning knobs for manual color and intensity adjustments as well as ports for automated control with an external controller: such as Kessil Spectral Controller or Neptune Apex.

The same Kessil Logic that gives you the best spectrum at any color and intensity is also found on this A80 fixture.

If you are looking for a great light for your nano reef aquarium or an efficient light for your fish-only aquarium, look no further!



Kessil A80 Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue

Kessil Mini A Series Gooseneck



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