For years, aquarium hobbyists were content using simple, unattractive water containers to store their top off water.

While five gallon jugs and buckets are still commonplace, more handsome and functional ATO reservoirs really began to gain popularity in 2015 with units by Eshopps and Trigger Systems.

The following year, Innovative Marine introduced the original HydroFill Ti Reservoir. This nifty water storage container was particularly novel thanks to its easy pull-out drawer that made adding fresh water a breeze! No longer would you have to pull the entire reservoir out of your stand to fill it back up. The HydroFill Ti Reservoir was specifically designed to save hobbyists time and spills.

The only problem? It only holds five gallons of water.

Five gallons of top off water is certainly adequate for nano reefers. But hobbyists with larger aquariums where evaporation is a real issue will want at least double that amount.

Fortunately, Innovative Marine went ahead and tripled it for their new HydroFill Ti Reservoir 15.

HydroFill Ti Reservoir 15 The original HydroFill Ti Reservoir 5 and the new HydroFill Ti Reservoir 15.

The MSRP of the original HydroFill Ti Reservoir 5 is $99.99. At $149.99, you get 3x the storage capacity in the new HydroFill Ti Reservoir 15 for a mere $50 more.

Innovative Marine's Marketing Director, Royce Suzuki, said the primary feedback they received about the original HydroFill Ti Reservoir from hobbyists at the 2018 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) was to "make a bigger one." So they did!

Here is what we know so far:

The Hydrofill Ti Reservoir is the next generation auto top off gadget that simplifies tasks involved for evaporated makeup water. The smart design offers 15 gallons of storage capacity and a mere (12.01” x 17.99”) footprint.

The unique hybrid construction of glass body and acrylic refill drawer, give it long lasting durability and every day convenience. Designed to save time and spills, the ingenious pull out drawer makes refilling fast and easy. Equipped with a floating level “red” indicator, you’ll always know where your water level is at. The accessible rear opening leaves enough room for RO tubes, power cords, and tubing so no matter how you set up your reservoir, we’ve got you covered.

• 15 Gallon Glass/Acrylic Hybrid Construction
• Slide Out Refilling Drawer
• Compact Footprint (12.01" x 17.99" x 23.03")
• Corner Protectors
• Thumb screw drawer stop
• Floating water line indicator
• Pre-cut rear opening for pumps/tubes

Marine Depot should have the new larger HydroFill Ti Reservoir 15 in stock by February 2019. In the meantime, we've included some early marketing material (photos and video) to whet your appetite.

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Are you excited about the new larger HydroFill Ti Reservoir? What sort of container are you currently using to hold your top off water? Sound off in the comments below!