Feeding seaweed is a great way to accommodate the herbivorous fish in your aquarium such as Tangs and Angelfish.  The Two Little Fishies pouch feeder is an awesome little device that securely holds sheets of seaweed to promote natural grazing habits and keep the seaweed from breaking down in your tank and entering your filtration system.

Simple place a sheet of seaweed inside the feeder, attach it to the wall of your tank and watch as your fish naturally consume bits of seaweed.  You can even place frozen food, spinach, lettuce leaves. Zucchini slices and freeze dried foods inside the pouch.


Balanced nutrition is crucial for a long healthy life in captivity for the fish in your care.  The Two Little Fishies Pouch feeder is an easy and convenient way to deliver a variety of foods to your fish in a natural way and keeps food waste to a minimum.

-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!