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    The Coloring-Up Your Corals bundle is a creates a synergistic combination of probiotic bacteria and nutrients designed to deliver targeted nutrition for better coral health and color. Corals depend significantly on ingesting nutrients from the water column, but with modern filtration the water can often be stripped of food particles and beneficial organisms. This can lead to pale corals as they become starved of essential resources. First Defense contains a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that the bacteria is Eco-Balance will assimilate and deliver to your corals when ingested.


    First Defense

    First Defense helps fish and corals cope with stress by providing vitamins and nutrients that support their immune system and restore tissue health. It's ideal for helping new corals which may be under greater stress, but can also help to support better health in established corals where nutrient deficiencies may have developed.



    Eco-Balance is 100% natural probiotic bacteria supplement that will help reduce the numbers of bad bacteria from your reef tank. By adding Dr. Tims Eco-Balance once a week you can restore bacteria levels back to normal in a balanced fashion. By maintaining your aquariums bacteria, it will help promote healthy and clean water for your animals. Corals also ingest a significant amount of bacterioplankton from the water column, and when paired with the nutrients of First-Defense, these bacteria can provide a significant source of nutrition for your corals.



    Dosing Recommendations


    Prepare Solution

    • First Defense – 0.1% solution. Add 1 ml of First Defense per 1,000 ml of seawater (or 1 tsp in 1 gallon of seawater).
    • EcoBalance – 1.0% solution. Add 10 ml of Eco-Balance per 1,000 ml of seawater (or 3 tbsp in 1 gallon of seawater)
    • Add the seawater to the container and then add the First Defense and Eco-Balance to the same container. 
    • Lightly aerate. 
    • It is ok to make enough for 2-3 nights. 

    Note that the solution will get a sweet-tangy smell after 24 hours and may be a little cloudy – this is normal.



    • Dose at night starting about an hour before the lights go out.
    • Dose at a rate of 1-3 drops per second (3 to 9 ml per minute).
    • Dose 3 nights, off 1 night, dose 2 more nights then nothing on the 7th night (see chart on recipe card).
    • Repeat weekly.


    Notes: The amount to dose depends on the size of your tank and the number and types of corals. Start slow at a rate of 1-2 oz solution per 100 gallons and adjust slowly to a maximum of 16 oz per 100 gallons. It typically takes a few weeks to start seeing results.


    What's Included?

    1x Coloring-Up Your Corals Recipe Card

    1x 8oz Eco-Balance Probiotic Bacteria

    1x 4oz First Defense

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    Product Questions

    Will these products change any of my parameters
    Question by: Lisa Riggio on Nov 20, 2022, 10:28 AM
    Thanks for the question! Both products are naturally existing. They shouldnt affect your main parameters too much if dose correctly. You could see some variations if dose incorrectly
    Answer by: James Johnson (BRS Staff) on Nov 26, 2022, 10:51 AM
    Thanks for the question! These should not impact parameters at all, these are bacterial additives that act as food which will help nourish to corals to bring out better coloration in most cases. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!
    Answer by: Kyle Thomas (BRS Staff) on Nov 26, 2022, 10:52 AM