CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator - Aquarium Plant Life

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CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator - Aquarium Plant Life

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Quick Overview

Why Does BRS Recommend This?

This is the most reliable CO2 regulator on the market that we could find. Instead of traditional needle valves controlling the flow rate, the CarbonDoser uses an electric solenoid that will open and close within a fraction of a second producing a single bubble. Since there is no needle valve, the CarbonDoser's bubble rate will never change. You now have super precise control with unmatched reliability.

Electronic solenoid controls the bubble rate making it virtually impossible for it to ever change.

1/4" or 1/8" NPT threads

  • Fully automatic

  • Electric solenoid

  • Controllable

  • LED bubble indicator

  • No needle valves

  • Accurate to +/- 1/1000 of a second

  • 3 year warranty


Full Details

A good reliable CO2 Regulator and Solenoid is a vital part of any calcium reactor. Many traditional needle valve solenoids can change how much flow is let through over time with the ever changing pressure in the bottle. Aquarium Plant Life solved that issue with the CarbonDoser's Electric solenoid design. Once you set the CarbonDoser it will not change. The electric solenoid will open and close within a fraction of a second producing a single bubble.


The flashing LED will blink every time a bubble is produced


What's Included?

  • Left Gauge (working pressure)
  • Right Gauge (bottle pressure)
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Electronic Solenoid/Regulator Assembly
  • 10 ft CO2 Safe Tubing
  • Power Supply


Installation Instructions

1.  Attach and tighten to compressed tank.

2.  Conduct a simple 'bleed down' test:

3.  Please be sure the "perma-seal" (threaded brass piece with rubber O-ring) is installed either into the regulator or the cylinder. This is what creates the seal between the regulator and cylinder. You do not need Teflon tape on the threads here!

  • Ensure regulator black knob is closed (counter clockwise all the way out) NOTE: If the co2 cylinder is opened while the knob is engaged, the high pressure could damage the low pressure gauge, or affect its accuracy and void the warranty.
  • Open main valve on tank (very, very slowly)
  • Note pressure on gauge
  • Close valve
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • If successful, (no seepage) the previously noted pressure should NOT have bleed down reduced at all.
  • If the pressure dropped: remove regulator from tank AND REPEAT process.

4.  Start out slowly when adjusting co2 (too much Co2 will kill your fish)

5.  To really get used to the Regulator, we suggest you take a glass of water, and simply put the Co2 tubing in the water to get a feel for the bubble count, and the size of the bubbles. This small test will really give you an idea of the broad adjustability of the unit.

6.  To adjust the bubble count, turn the dial from 0-10. It is adjustable from 4.66 bubbles per second all the way down to 1 bubble per 10 seconds.

7.  To adjust the size of the bubble simply adjust the knob. Clockwise raises the pressure and therefore increases the size of the bubbles and counter-clockwise lowers the pressure and therefore decreases the size of the bubbles.

8.  As previously stated, we strongly urge you to take your time and experiment with the unit before actually applying it your CO2 reactor, or calcium reactor. Quite quickly, you will begin to see its incredible range of adjustability and accuracy.


5 Items

  • Worry free after 4 years By Corey on 10/21/2017

    I inherited one of these from a friend in the hobby who passed away. He used it on a planted freshwater tank, I of course used it with my Apex for my CA reactor. For a regulator, this one is pretty pricey, but if you are looking for incredibly accurate and reliable C02 delivery this one is for you. I would have never spent this much on it myself to be honest, but now that I have had it for going on 5 years and it's never given me any kind of issues I can say that I'd buy another one.
  • Solid Product By Dan on 8/6/2017

    Very solid build and accurate. I have only been running for a short time however running a calcium reactor has been a fantastic upgrade to dosing and this regulator makes dialing everything in much easier and more reliable.
  • wow By fishguy32903 on 8/16/2016

    been using co2 regs since 1985 best yet
  • Worth every penny... By Rich on 6/23/2016

    I'v ran this unit for the last 2 years, it is one of the best investments for your calcium reactor... Accurate and consistent EVERY TIME!... Easy to control via Apex / pH controller...
  • Awesome - Takes most of the inconsistencies out of calcium reactors By Chris on 6/23/2016

    I purchased a Carbon Doser about 2 years ago after doing quite a bit of research on calcium reactors. Most positive experiences with calcium reactors that I read about all had one thing in common, the Carbon Doser. Mine is controlled with an Apex just in case, but I've had zero issues in 2 years running this constantly.


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Product Questions

just received doser has a gray colored check valve box instructions says to take apart and clean the valve looks solid and no direction on how to clean
Question by: kurt on Jul 8, 2016 3:46:00 PM
Hi Kurt,
The check valve should be lightly cleaned with warm soapy water to remove any contaminants or foreign materials from the manufacturing process.
Answer by: Charlie (Admin) on Jul 11, 2016 11:34:00 AM