E.S.V. Aquarium Products is an aquarium supply company out of New York that specializes in aquarium additives and supplements. Among their well-known and reliable products are the B-Ionic series of Calcium Buffer System (a 2 Part liquid Alkalinity and Calcium product) and their liquid Magnesium. Additionally E.S.V. carries powdered Calcium Chloride and Calcium Hydroxide (Kalkwasser), 20% solution of Strontium Chloride and 1% solution of Potassium Chloride to help maintain proper water balance as well as Granular Activated Carbon for filtering aquarium water.

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  1. ESV B-Ionic Magnesium
    ESV Aquarium Products Inc.
    ESV B-Ionic Magnesium

    Starting at: $19.99

  2. ESV Calcium Chloride 800g
    ESV Aquarium Products Inc.
    ESV Calcium Chloride 800g

  3. ESV Potassium Iodide (1% Solution)
    ESV Aquarium Products Inc.
    ESV Potassium Iodide (1% Solution)

    Starting at: $8.99

  4. ESV B-Ionic Nitrate
    ESV Aquarium Products Inc.
    ESV B-Ionic Nitrate

    Starting at: $10.89