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BR-70 Biopellet Combo Pack

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    Each Reef Octopus Biopellet combo pack comes with Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor and corresponding quantity of BRS Biopellets.


    Solid carbon dosing (biopellets) has recently become an extremely popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. The exact method of denitration can be different for each tank but it mainly consists of a few things:


    • Nitrate laden Bacteria is removed via the protein skimmer
    • Bacteria directly converts nitrite into nitrous oxide so nitrate is never produced
    • Bacteria consumes nitrates and processes them down into nitrogen gas
    • Nitrate laden Bacteria is consumed by tank inhabitants like corals and sponges


    Depending on the system it should take 4-8 weeks for the bacteria population to multiply and begin its work on your nitrates. Once you have the reactor going we suggest not making any adjustments for 8 weeks. Give the media and bacteria time to adjust to the parameters found in your tank and begin working. The absolute best advice we can give with this system is to set it up and forget about it for two months. Unless something is obviously not right resist all temptation to make any changes until the two months are up.


    Kit Contains:

    • 1x BR-70 and 500mL of BRS Biopellets
    • Max recommended feed flow: 270-390 GPH


    Reactor Specifications

    • 2.75 Diameter x 19.3 Tall
    • Footprint: 3.875 x 3.875
    • 300ml Biopellet Capacity
    • Max recommended feed flow: 270-390 GPH
    • 500ml BRS Biopellets

    Reef Octopus BR70 Manufacturer's Manual


    BRS Bulk Biopellets

    BRS biopellets are made from 100% natural Polyhydroxyalkanoates. PHA is a natural substance produced by bacteria to store carbon and energy which makes it the ideal solid carbon source for denitrifying bacteria in the aquarium. BRS biopellets are produced by a leader in the industry, designed specifically for denitrification in aquaria and we believe it to be the best product available. Use of biopellets will also remove phosphates, combined with wise food selections it can be the only type of phosphate control required.


    We recommend 1 cup (236 ml) of BRS biopellets per 50 gallons of system volume.

    More Information
    SKU 205620B
    Reactor Placement In Sump
    Media Capacity 1 Cup / 236mL
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    Product Questions

    I have high nitrates and am looking at adding this reactor. I am planning on adding it into the sump. Does it matter if this equipment is in front or after the skimmer?

    Second question, can you please recommend the tubing / fittings / pump matched to this set up. I plan on running a closed loop in my sump.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Joey D
    Question by: Joey Dryer on May 11, 2022, 8:35 PM
    From the user manual on the product page (https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/br-70-reef-octopus-biopellet-combo-pack-bundle.html):

    • Feed Pump: We suggest a pump that has a higher rating than the recommended feed rating for your reactor and place a valve on the output of the pump to control the feed flow. Reason being is that there are various pellet medias require certain flows to remain in a fluidized state as well as the amount of pellets used will vary the flow through the reactor. We also suggest pumps that handle head pressure especially if your feed or output lines are going long distances. Another option for a feed source is to bleed off of your return pump via manifold.
    • PVC Solvent to glue the desired intake and output fittings (the output & intake fittings must be glued to the supplied union)
    • Several lengths of 1/2″ or 5/8” ID hose or hard plumb w/ 1/2” PVC for BR170 & BR110 5/8”ID or 3/4” ID hose or hard plumb w/ 1/2” PVC for BR140 & BR200 (input and output)
    • Bio-Pellet media- Use the amount as directed by manufacturer
    • Recommend an appropriate sizes protein skimmer with a processing rate close to the feed rate of the reactor

    For a pump, you can use: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/sicce-syncra-silent-1-5-pump-357-gph.html and 1/2" tubing https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/black-vinyl-tubing-sold-by-the-foot.html.
    Answer by: Scott F. (BRS Staff) on May 17, 2022, 5:30 PM