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    Simple, Fast, & Consistent

    If you need a fast and accurate alkalinity test kit, the Tropic Marin Basic KH Test Kit will let you test your saltwater aquarium's alkalinity level in a matter of seconds. The test only requires a single reagent which reduces the chance of errors happening while the test is being performed. With any titration test, the hardest thing is determining when the color change happens and Tropic Marin's Basic KH Kit produces a very distinct change when the proper amount of reagent has been added.

    • Measurement Range of 1 - 20 dKH
    • Accuracy of 0.5 or 1 dKH
    • Up to 100 tests @ 1 dKH resolution
    • Conversion Table Included



    1. Shake the bottles before use!
    2. Rinse out the glass cuvette with tap water and then several times with aquarium water.
    3. Fill the glass cuvette with exactly 5 ml of aquarium water using the dosing syringe.
    4. Now count and add the KH test reagent drop by drop (shaking after each drop) until the color of the solution changes from turquoise to pink.
    5. The number of drops required for the solution color to change is the actual alkalinity number. Example 8 drops = 8 dKH
    6. Rinse out the cuvette and syringe with fresh water and dry all equipment with a soft towel.


    Need a tighter resolution?

    Instead of using a 5mL of sample water for the test, you can use 10mL for the sample which will make each drop count towards 0.5 dKH. The tighter resolution will let you see changes twice as fast, but will also require about twice as much reagent to complete the test, dropping the total number of tests for the kit from 100 to 50. 


    What's Included?

    1x Testing Cuvette

    1x KH Reagent

    1x 6mL Syringe


    Tropic Marine Basic KH Test Kit Instructions Tropic Marine Basic KH Test Kit Instructions

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