Aurora 60" T5 LED Hybrid - Giesemann

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Aurora 60" T5 LED Hybrid - Giesemann

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Quick Overview

5 Foot Giesemann Aurora 300w LED 4x80w T5 Hybrid Lighting Fixture

Giesemann has been known for making high quality light fixtures that use the highest quality parts available, with a durable powder coat finish. Most people will actually call their light fixtures a piece of furniture with how they look. We have ran multiple Giesemann lights for years and have been very happy with them. Between Giesemann fixtures and the many other light fixtures out there, just simply the quality of parts and thickness of material make the Giesemann light fixtures our first choice for almost any tank where the light will be mounted externally and be visible.

The Aurora is the best of what recent technology has to offer. With densely packed LED modules and dimmable T5 lamps fine tuning the perfect light has never been easier.

The Aurora Hybrid LED T5 Fixture has been one of our favorite fixtures to date. With its sleek and stylish appearance and intuitive Bluetooth control, this will be one of the last lights you purchase.  Each pair of T5 lamps is controlled individually and there are 3 channels of LEDs to control for fine tuning of shimmer and overall coloration of the light. Bonus features include Storm and Cloud simulation as well as full lunar cycles.


Fixture color is powder coated Black

  • Stylish Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Body

  • Tough High Gloss Twin Layer Powder Coat Finish

  • 0-100% Dimmable T-5 lamps Controllable via Bluetooth

  • 0-100% Fully Controllable Multi-channel LED Boards via Bluetooth

  • Cloud and Storm Simulation / Real Time Lunar Simulation etc.

  • Multi-point Daytime Plot System via Class Leading FUTURA Software

  • Integrated Heat-sink + Active Cooling Low Noise Variable Speed Fans.

  • Developed and made in Germany

Note: All Bulbs Sold Separately.

Futura App is made for android devices only at this time, and their is also software for Windows and Mac computers.  IOS app coming soon.

Download App for Android devices Here


Full Details

With individual parabolic reflectors designed with CAD software that are produced from 99% reflective aluminum delivered the T5 light into the tank and doesn’t scatter the light and keeping almost all of it shining into the tank. All Aurora fixtures include an active heatsink with variable speed fans that keep your T5 lamps and LED lights running at optimum temperatures.

With the Futura App the Aurora is one of the easiest hybrid fixtures we have controlled.  Simple sliders and multi-point graphing with over 1440 available points allows for easy programming on a computer or android device. T5 tubes are controlled in pairs allowing for gradual increase in the light emitted into the tank. There are also 3 channels of LED control to fine tune the overall optical color that you see as well as low moon and actinic lighting. The LEDs also provide a slight shimmer to give that natural sunshine appearance while the T5 lamps provide full coverage with very little shadows for those acros.

Each 75watt LED group features three independently-programmable LED channels with up to 1440 available set points per 24 hour phase. Each channel is capable of 0-100% dimming.

LED color channels include:

  • Full Spectrum White
  • Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • Violet- TRU-UV sub 400nm
  • All LED’s are zero-loss 120deg Optic-Free 5w CREE X-Series controlled by high-performance linear drivers.


24" Aurora-Hybrid 600mm/24" 4 x 24 watt (dim) 1 Board (max 85 watts) Bluetooth, 5 channels $1349.99
36" Aurora-Hybrid 900mm/35" 4 x 39 watt (dim) 2 Boards (max 150 watts) Bluetooth, 5 channels $1749.99
48" Aurora-Hybrid 1200mm/48" 4 x 54 watt (dim) 3 Boards (max 220 watts) Bluetooth, 5 channels $2199.99
60" Aurora-Hybrid 1500mm/59" 4 x 80 watt (dim) 4 Boards (max 300 watts) Bluetooth, 5 channels $2699.99


Note: 60" Aurora-Hybrid lights will require a step-down transformer for the T5 lamps that is included. The T5 plug will need to be plugged into the transformer to bring the voltage down from 240v to 120v.


All components are manufactured and assembled completely in Germany by Giesemann Aquaristik.


2 Items

  • Update By Bret on 11/4/2017

    Now that we have had this light on our tank for 3 months i figured I would update. We have had the confidence to buy high end corals like Walt Disney and orange passion because of this light. This light produces crazy growth and even crazier color. We will later upgrade our frag system to these lights to hopefully have them color up and grow as fast as this light has been doing for our main display. German engineering worth every penny.
  • Wow By Bret on 8/27/2017

    We have a 180 gallon mixed reef. We went from a DIY cree 112 led fixture I made to this and wow is all I have to say. We have explosive growth and better color right out of the gate. There is great shimmer and zero shadows. Other added bonus is you can take pictures without having it wash out like with pure led fixtures. Because of how nice this is we plan to mix in t5's with our DIY fixture on our 130 gallon frag tank. The Bluetooth control with this tank is unreal also. You can ramp up each channel and have unlimited set points. We used 1 purple, 2 attinic's, and 1 16,500k t5's and like I said the color is awesome. The white leds are a bit too powerful for how low you have to hang the fixture if you plan to have the fixture viewable over the tank. We have them turned down to 20% for now. Maybe in a month or so we may turn them up but it's so bright I'm scared too.


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Product Questions

do they make a 72" 'hybrid' t5/led? what are the mounting options for this light

thank u
Question by: debby on Nov 7, 2016 6:45:00 AM
Great question! As of right now, there is not a 72" Hybrid fixture. For mounting options, hanging is the only method currently available. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Nov 7, 2016 6:12:00 PM
What is the "coverage" for this light.
Question by: Ryan Reeves on Jul 2, 2016 3:58:00 PM
This light is best used on 5 foot tanks, but can be run on 6 foot tanks with a bit of PAR loss on the ends. I would estimate the coverage widthwise to be 24-30 inches.
Answer by: Valerie (Admin) on Jul 6, 2016 12:14:00 PM