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Simple, natural nutrient control.

Rather than using chemical treatments or expensive medias, restore nutrient balance in your reef with ATI Nutrition components. Nitrate, phosphate, and carbon are consumed together by bacteria and other organisms in your reef, and if one becomes depleted it can limit the uptake of the other nutrients. This can quickly lead to an excess of one of these compounds, which in turn can cause algae blooms and poor coral health. By regularly testing and replenishing the limiting nutrient, you can promote the growth of bacteria that will naturally consume these excess nutrients. ATI Nutrition is compatible with a wide variety of dosing systems including traditional 2-part, individual supplements and many other dosing regimens.


Drive Growth with Nutrition C

Some nitrate and phosphate are necessary for a healthy reef. On the other hand, if Nitrate and/or Phosphate get too high, it can lead to slow growth, poor coloration, and in extreme cases, coral death. Reduce excess levels of nitrate and phosphate with ATI Nutrition C which will promote the growth of bacteria that will naturally consume these excess nutrients. 


ATI Nutrition can simplify your nutrient management, enhancing the efficiency of your skimmer and providing additional food for your corals and other filter feeding animals. This can reduce dependence on media reactors and keep dreaded pests like cynanobacteria, diatoms, and algae out of the picture. 


Dosing Recommendations

Dose ATI Nutrition C once a day at lunchtime. Recommended dosing levels will vary depending on the bioload, age of the tank, and actual nutrient values. 

Test regularly, and use ATI’s Dosing Calculator located HERE.

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