Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 5000 - Aqua Medic

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Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 5000 - Aqua Medic

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

The Aquamedic Kalkwasser Reactor is a very unique stirrer.  Kalkwasser is one of the easiest methods to supplement calcium and alkalinity, and using a kalkwasser reactor makes it even easier.  The Aquamedic Kalk Reactor can handle very low flow as the stirrer mechanism is not driven by water pressure, or stand-alone mixing pump.  The electric motor keeps the mixing of kalkwasser very consistent with low flow top off pumps.


  • For aquariums up to 1250 gallons

  • Foot Print: 10" x 8.5" x 24"

  • Media Chamber Dimensions: 8" x 19"

  • Volume: 4 Gallons

  • Hose Connections: 1/4" inlet x 1/4" outlet

  • Media Capacity 600 grams.


Full Details

Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrers feature a bar that slowly spins continuously to keep the kalkwasser saturated at the right level. At slow flow rates it does not create the heavy kalk slurry common with competing brands. This simple feature eliminates much of the overdose risk.

Many of the other kalkwasser reactors available use a mixing pump to vigorously mix the kalkwasser at periodic junctions. This creates a highly-concentrated slurry of kalkwasser that cannot be dosed until it has settled out. To protect against this danger, these types of reactors require a complicated series of timers to control pump operation.


8 Items

  • Quality product, under sized motor By Jim on 10/24/2016

    It's only been set up for a week, so I cannot comment on longevity yet. Seems to work well. My only concern is the stir motor has a lifetime of one year (according to the manual). A replacement motor and cap assembly is $70. The motor runs HOT - can't keep your fingers on it hot. I'm going to install a CPU cooler on it. Maybe the motor will last longer.
  • KS-5000. Excellent Kalk Stirrer By Crazydiamond on 7/24/2016

    I have the KS1000 & it has run flawlessly for 8 years on my 160. I recently set up a much bigger tank and I decided that I will continue to run kalk on my set-up. For this job, I recently picked up the ks5000 and had it installed in less than an hour. Based on my experience, Aquamedic makes a great Kalk stirrer & I am looking forward to many great years ahead running this unit. If you have a big tank and plan to run kalk, this is the one to get.
  • Best Kalk reactor on the market imo By Paulo Costa on 1/10/2015

    I know now why this piece of equipment comes so highly recommended by BRS and other people. I've had this reactor over an year and half now and all I can say I that it has worked flawless for me.

    Talked to manufacturer & I have a float valve in sump & was going to put this unit between R/O water tank & float valve. NOT RECCOMENDED. Unit will not take the pressure.. That is why it now comes with 1/2 barbed fitting for exit water instead of the 1/4 inch John guest fitting.
  • Large Size less Refilling By Curtis on 3/10/2013

    Does what it says large size lets you go longer between refills
  • Great item By Robert on 7/4/2011

    Easy set up, just wish I waited and got the discount price during the 4th of July 10% off special.
  • Great Product By Tim on 3/27/2011

    After watching the videos from BRS I decided to go with the 5000 for my 200 gallon reef system. I am extremely pleased with it's performance and would recommend this stirrer to all!
  • Has performed flawlessly for years By David J on 12/7/2010

    We purchased ours from another vendor years ago, before discovering how great bulk reef supply is. It holds a great deal of media and has worked exactly as designed without any problems. Oversizing your kalk stirrer will let you go much longer between servicing/refilling.

    With a controller to only dose for low pH, it works efficiently and for our particular setup only needs to be refilled once every 9 months.


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