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ApexEL Aquarium Monitor - BRS Special Edition - Neptune Systems (DISCONTINUED)

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    You can relax about your reef tank knowing that the Apex EL BRS Special Edition has your back. The BRS SE Apex EL monitors key tank parameters and comes pre-configured to send you alerts via the built-in WiFi if anything is amiss.


    It's hard to overstate the value of having an aquarium monitor that can not only track your aquarium's vital elements, but warn you immediately if something is going wrong. Aquarium equipment rarely seems to fail when we're around to catch it, and even if we are around it may not be obvious that something is off. When a piece of equipment fails, it's critical to know right away so that corrective action can be taken to avoid a disaster. 


    Not everyone is prepared to take the leap and invest in a full-blown aquarium controller. For some, a controller like the full Apex System may seem intimidating and complicated, while for others the expense may be too high when first getting started. With the Apex EL BRS Special Edition, you get the monitoring and communication functions of the Apex System at a fraction of the cost with no need for complicated programming. After connecting the Apex EL head unit to your home's Wifi network and entering your mobile contact info into Neptune System's cloud-based Fusion program, you can be up and running with monitoring and alerts in as little as 10-15 minutes.


    Monitor Key Elements:

    • Temperature
    • pH
    • High & Low Water Level



    Temperature is one of the most critical parameters in any aquarium, but it's very difficult to visually determine if something is off before there are negative effects. Without a monitor, a heater that has failed off could go unnoticed for days or longer unless you happen to put your hand in the aquarium. The effects of a heater that has failed on may be much more obvious, but it's likely that the first sign will be stressed or dying fish and corals. With the Apex EL monitoring system you can get a warning before things start to die.



    While it's often not wise to chase a specific pH number, maintaining a stable pH within an acceptable range plays an important role in fish and coral health. pH can also be an indicator of other elements of reef chemistry and may give an indication if CO2 levels are elevated or carbonate hardness has dropped. Knowing where your pH is at and when it may be falling outside of your targeted range may help with troubleshooting other issues in the aquarium.


    Water Level Monitoring

    Managing the water level in your aquarium is incredible important to your livestock, your equipment, and potentially your home. Salinity, circulation, filtration, and heating all revolve around maintaining proper water levels in your system. If your ATO fails off or runs out, the return pump could run dry and burn out. If the return pump stops working, filtration and heating cease. Worse yet, if your ATO were to get stuck on, this could not only affect tank parameters, but could lead to flooding and severe damage to your home. Having an early warning system in place for any of these scenarios is nearly priceless.


    The included Dual Float Switch assembly plugs directly into the I/O port of the Apex head unit and provides a bracket with two water level float switch sensors. The two float switches can be adjusted to your desired water depth and positioned to provide alerts for either a high water overfill alarm or low water underfill alarm.


    Fully Expandable

    The Apex EL BRS Special Edition is easily expandable and it's possible to add any of the Neptune Systems modules such as the Leak Detection Kit (LDK), or even an Energy Bar 832 should you decide you're ready to get into a full controller in the future.



    • Low pH alarm value: 7.80
    • High pH alarm value: 8.40
    • Low Temp alarm value: 75
    • High Temp alarm value: 82
    • Maximum High Water Sensor Depth (from rim): 11.25"
    • Maximum Low Water Sensor Depth (from rim): 12.75"
    • Float Switch Adjustment Range: 10"
    • Float Switch Cord Length: 7 FT
    • Head Unit Dimensions: 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W


    What's Included?

    • Neptune Systems ApexEL Base Unit
    • Dual Float Switch Assembly w/Bracket
    • Temperature Probe
    • Single Junction pH Probe
    • 7.0pH Calibration Solution Packet
    • 10.0pH Calibration Solution Packet
    • 12V Power Supply


    Note: Apex Display Module, Smart Phone, and Tablet not included.

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