Algae Turf Scrubber (OPEN BOX)

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Use the Hmahli Turf Scrubber to Fight Algae with Algae

  • Large algae growing screen for maximum nutrient export
  • Black Acrylic for reduced light spill
  • Emergency drain for added safety


In recent years, natural filtration using algae has taken off in popularity. More specifically, using hair or turf algae as a filter in a contained area to out compete the algae in the display tank. Turf algae is extremely efficient at removing excess nutrients like nitrates and phosphates from water and because of that, it doesn't take up as much room as a traditional refugium using macro algae like chaetomorpha.

When you first get your hands on the Hmahli Algae Turf Scrubber, you'll know instantly that this piece of filtration equipment is built to last. The acrylic work is excellent, and the plumbing setup makes for a quick installation. Even harvesting the algae is easy! 


Installation Instructions:

  1. Find a suitable place for the scrubber to be installed - Usually directly over your sump.

  2. Plumb the two drains - We usually plumb the primary drain about 1-2" below the water surface to reduce noise. For the emergency drain, plumb it a few inches above the water line so that it will make a splashing noise when water runs through it, letting you know something isn't right with the primary drain.

  3. Attach your favorite pump to the barb fitting using some flexible tubing. We highly recommend soft silicone tubing for this purpose.

  4. Adjust the flow over the algae screen so that an even sheet of water flows down the screen. Flow adjustments can be made with either the integrated ball valve or with a controllable pump (sold separately). 

  5. Plug the LED light into a timer or aquarium controller and program it for a 12-hour daily photoperiod. Most aquarists will opt to run the light on their scrubber at night in an effort to stabilize the aquarium's pH swings.

  6. After a few weeks, the algae should be ready to harvest. We like to use an old gift card to scrape the algae off the screen. Scrape most of it, but don't clean it too well. A little algae left behind will help get the next harvest started.



Dimensions (excluding plumbing): 12.2"L x 10.63"W x 10.63"H

Recommended Flow Rate: 500-550 GPH

Input Barb Size: 16mm (approx. 1/2")

Main Drain: 1"

Emergency Drain: 1/2"

Power Consumption: 100W (each light is 50W)


What's Included?

(1x) Hmahli Algae Turf Scrubber

Metric to US Standard Adapters (for drain bulkheads)

(1x) 1" Slip x Slip Coupler

(1x) 1/2" Slip x Slip Coupler


Note: Feed pump & plumbing sold separately.

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