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90B Rimless Aquarium - 12 Gallon

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UNS Rimless Aquariums: An Aquascaper's Dream

  • Low-Iron 91% Diamant Glass
  • 45° Precision Cut Mitered Edges
  • Clear Silicone for a Clean Look

Long aquariums provide wide panoramic views and allow for longer aquascape layouts due to the generous amount of horizontal ground provided. Their elongated structure calls for elevated creativity and innovation. Nano schooling fish such as Tetras and Rasboras are ideal as they prefer plenty of horizontal swimming space to explore. Like the other rimless UNS aquariums, the long aquariums are clean, sleek, and are a unique way to introduce a nature aquarium into any space.

The UNS Difference

Ultum Nature Systems specializes in crafting premium rimless aquariums that merge the beauty of nature with sleek, modern design. Their dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of their aquariums, which are renowned for their ultra-clear glass and minimalistic aesthetic. These rimless tanks offer unobstructed views of the aquascapes inside, turning aquariums into living art pieces.


Dimensions: 35.43" x 7.87" x 9.84"

Profile: Long

Volume: 12 US Gallons

Glass Thickness: 6 mm


What's Included?

90B Rimless Aquarium (12 Gallon)

Black Leveling Mat

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UPC 810004570450
Aquarium Size 10 - 20 Gallons
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