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60 gallon Fishless Cycle Bundle

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1 x 4oz First Defense - Saltwater Fish Stress Relief - Dr.Tim's   + $0.00
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    Start your next aquarium off on the right foot with Dr. Tim's Fishless Cycling Kit!

    It's time to say goodbye to old cycling methods like adding "sacrificial fish" or introducing uncontrolled amounts of ammonia through rotting food in an empty tank. Dr. Tim's Fishless Cycle Bundles are designed to quickly and safely establish a healthy biofilter in your new aquarium. Through the addition of live nitrifying bacteria in Dr. Tim's One & Only along with First Defense, you can safely innoculate your tank and new live rock with a starter population of bacteria, and then by dosing Ammonium chloride, the bacteria will have a steady supply of pure food to grow and colonize, preparing your aquarium for a stress-free addition of fish and corals!


    One & Only

    DrTim's Aquatics best-selling product, One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria is the ultimate nitrifying bacteria for use in fishless cycling.  By establishing a healthy biofilter prior to adding fish or corals, you can avoid "New Tank Syndrom" and minimize losses of fish or corals due to exposure to toxins. With the Fishless Cycle bundle, you have a complete recipe for cycling the aquarium and creating a healthy environment to start off. The kit includes complete, step-by-step instructions on how to do fishless cycling using the products.


    First Defense

    First Defense was scientifically designed to provide stress relief and support the natural immune system in your fish, First Defense will help detoxify heavy metals, fight lateral line erosion, promotes healing, and can help resist diseases. 


    Ammonium chloride

    Ammonium Chloride can be used to simulate organic matter that would naturally break down into ammonia. By adding the reagent grade ammonium chloride solution to your tank instead of older methods like using a cheap fish, or tossing in nutrient-rich fish food, you do not have any of the byproducts that decaying fish food and fish waste will produce. Dr.Tim's formula is different from the traditional ammonium chloride solutions you would find at your local grocery or hardware store. Most ammonia solutions will contain unwanted additives to help with scent, and coloration, Dr.Tim's additive uses pure ammonia.


    Using the ammonium chloride solution, in conjunction with simple ammonia and nitrite test kits, you have complete control of your tanks cycling process without adding any extra nutrients or sky-high ammonia concentrations.


    Follow the process below step-by-step, day-by-day for a fast and stress-free cycle.


    Cycling Directions


    Day 1:

    • If there is any chlorine or chloramine present in the tank water, you will need to neutralize this with a water conditions such as First Defense prior to adding bacteria. Wait 30 minutes after adding First Defense before adding One & Only. Starting with RO/DI water for mixing your saltwater will avoid this issue.
    • Before adding One & Only, turn on circulation and heat. Remove filter filter socks and turn off UV, skimmers, and ozonizers for at least 48 hours after adding One & Only bacteria.
    • Add One & Only. Shake the bottle well for a few seconds and then pour the entire bottle into your tank. You can also add One & Only to your sump or filter if preferred. The water may become cloudy but don't worry; this will clear. 
    • Add 4 Drops of ammonium chloride per gallon of aquarium water. 

    Day 2: Test for ammonia and nitrite and record values.

    Day 3: Add another 4 drops ammonium chloride per gallons of aquarium water.

    Note: If ammonia or nitrite values are over 5 ppm, skip this addition.


    Day 4: Test for ammonia and nitrite and record values.

    Day 5: Test for ammonia and nitrite and record values.

    Day 6: Add another 4 drops ammonium chloride per gallons of aquarium water.

    Note: If ammonia or nitrite values are over 5 ppm, skip this addition.


    Day 7: Test for ammonia and nitrite and record values.

    Day 8: Test for ammonia and nitrite and record values.


    In Most cases at this point ammonia and nitrite will be zero, or below .5 ppm. If so, congrats, your tank is cycled! Add fish and enjoy your aquarium!


    Additional Helpful Notes on Cycling

    • Substrate on the bottom of the tank is recommended for the fastest cycle as bare bottom tanks may not have enough suface area for the bacteria and it takes longer for bacteria to colonize filter blocks and ceramic media.
    • When fishless cycling, reduce the calculated water volume by about 20% to account for water displaced by substrate and decorations. For example, if you have a 30 gallon tank subtract 6 gallons (20%) so figure 24 gallons as the final volume.
    • Don't overdose ammonia; this is not helpful.
    • When adding drops hold the bottle vertically and don't press so hard that there is a steady stream of liquid. Instead, add drop by drop.
    • Some conversions: 1 tsp = 5 ml = 100 drops, or 1 Tbsp = 15 ml = 300 drops.
    • If you are using a live sand product, wait 24 hours after setting-up the tank and running the filter before adding ammonia drops. Testing ammonia levels prior to adding ammonium chloride as the live sand product may introduce some ammonia and you may need to reduce or eliminate the addition of ammonia.
    • BE PATIENT - is can take from a day up to 3 days before you start to see results.
    • The bacteria DO NOT need to be fed ammonia every day - this will just cause problems.
    • In many cases you will not see nitrite - that is because the product is working rapidly.
    • In some cases you will not see nitrate - this is because some test kits do not measure nitrate well when the concentration is less than 20 ppm. Nitrate will not be 20 ppm or higher for several weeks (or several ammonia additions) so don't worry about this.


    What's Included?

    • Dr. Tim's Fishless Cycling Recipe Card
    • Dr. Tim's One & Only
    • Dr. Tim's First Defense
    • Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride
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