36" Stellar T5 4x39W Hybrid Retrofit Light Fixture (OPEN BOX) - Giesemann

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    VHO T5 Ballasts  |  Dual Channel Control  |  Individual Reflectors

    Giesemann Stellar Hybrid T5 Light Fixtures are made to accept many different types of LED lights available on the market today. The simple universal LED mounting bracket lets you incorporate LED lighting technology with the success of T5 lights. If you want to use modular lights like Ecotech Radions, or even strip lights like the Reef Brite LED lights, you can add that shimmer and custom color control to an already proven lighting system. Each Stellar Hybrid light is made of high-quality aluminum with polished individual reflectors for the T5 lights. 

    • Accepts many different LED modules or strips
    • Can add LEDs at any point
    • Dual Channel T5 Power Control
    • VHO ballasts produce greater PAR and color


    One of the biggest challenges with lighting a reef tank can be having enough light available throughout the entire tank, and not just in a few spots throughout the tank. Since traditional LED modules are considered a single point light source they will create spots with super high PAR but when coral starts to grow, shadows will start to appear quickly and can cause your coral's undergrowth to suffer. Using a strip style light like a T5 fluorescent lets you blanket the area with light, ensuring that all of the undergrowth gets proper light to grow while providing the color rendition you like to see with the LEDs and all the other technological benefits. 


    LED Mounting Brackets

    Each light comes with LED Mounting Brackets that can be used to affix almost any LED module or strip. The brackets use an ingenious slotting system that lets you easily adjust the position of the light and double-sided tape to affix the light to the brackets. In some cases drilling holes in the bracket to mount your particular light may be necessary, but we find the double-sided tape to be a pretty good solution that doesn't require any modification. 


    Fixture Mounting

    Mounting the Gisemann Steller can be done in a few ways, but the easiest is to use the Gisemann Stellar Tank Mount or Hanging Kit that are available. Tank mounting can make for a sleek look, but we have found hanging light fixtures gives the most benefit. Being able to change the height for maintenance, or even to tune the light intensity and spread, it is hard to beat a quality hanging kit. If you have tall ceilings the Giesemann Wall Mounting Brackets make a great solution to that problem. 



    Dimensions - 35.66" L x 22.675" W x 2.0" H

    Space for LED Modules - 10.25" x 35.4"

    Number of Power Cords - 2

    Cord Length - 98"

    T5 Wattage - 4 x 39w

    Color - Irridium


    What's Included?

    1x Giesemann Stellar Hybrid T5 Fixture

    2x Universal LED Mounting Bracket Kit


    Note:Bulbs & Hanging kit not included

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