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320 gallon Dinoflagellate Treatment Bundle


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    Are you ready to beat dinoflagellates? Arm yourself with the right tools to win, and say goodbye to the dinoflagellate scourge!


    Dr. Tim's treatment regimen, using the bacterial strains within Re-Fresh and Waste Away, forms an important part of the solution to dinoflagellates by creating less hospitable conditions for the dinos as well as competition for space and resources. Combined with a blackout period on the aquarium and physical removal with water changes, this will typically stress or kill the dinoflagellates and tip things back towards a healthy balance of microorganisms.


    Dinoflagellates depend on specific conditions and nutrients to fuel their growth. In addition to addressing nutrient imbalances, we are finding that a key factor to bringing a dino outbreak back under control is providing enough of the right kind of microbial competition. Bacteria are a major source of competition for dinoflagellates, but under normal circumstances we tend to heavily limit them through low nutrients and heavy skimming. On occasion, we accidentally create the perfect circumstances for dinos to thrive.


    Available in Three Sizes

    • 80 Gallon Treatment Bundle
    • 150 Gallon Treatment Bundle
    • 320 Gallon Treatment Bundle


    Winning the battle against Dinos typically requires a multi-pronged approach.

    • Test your phosphate, nitrate, and hopefully organic carbon as well, identify limiting nutrients, and restore balance.
    • Increase microbial diversity and competition for nutrients and space.
    • Reduced photoperiod during treatment, starting with a total blackout.
    • UV sterilization (sometimes)


    Directions For Use

    For best results, you need a skimmer to remove the bacteria that will be produced and to help prevent bacterial blooms that may result in a loss of livestock. A filter sock can help as well, but will need to be cleaned daily.


    To Start - Wrap your tank with black plastic or another reef-safe light-blocking material. The goal is to prevent ANY lights from getting into the tank. Also disable the lights so they are off during the entire 3 days. Add Re-Fresh to your tank at a rate of 5 ml per 10 gallons (see back of bottle). Turn off UV and skimmer (plus ozone if you have it) for a few hours BUT observe your tank with a flashlight.


    NOTE - if the water starts to turn cloudy, turn all filtration back on ASAP.


    Day 2 and 3: Treat with a full dose of Re-Fresh leaving the skimmer & UV off for a few hours each time.

    Day 4: Unwrap the tank and resume normal light cycle. Begin dosing Waste-Away at this time regardless of visible dinoflagellates*. Start with a small dose. The bacteria will break down the dead organic matter producing more bacteria and if you add too much bacteria they can reproduce out of control (called a bacterial bloom) which can remove all the oxygen from the water, harming your fish and corals. We STRONGLY suggest you start with 1/4 (or less) of the normal dose. Turn the skimmer, UV and ozone off for 2-4 hours immediately following treatment. If the water starts to turn cloudy turn these back on ASAP. Do not dose and leave the tank unobserved at first! Every tank reacts differently - watch your’s closely.

    Days 5 - 8: Continue adding Waste-Away slowly increasing the dosage amount. You can even consider adding a few small daily doses leaving the skimmer off for a little while allowing the bacteria to consume the organic matter then turning the skimmer on to remove the bacteria. You continually alternate between adding bacteria and removing the bacteria with the skimmer instead of one larger dose a day.

    Day 9: Do a partial water change. Your tank should be looking better, but in stubborn cases you may have to repeat the process. To maintain a clean tank we suggest you start using Waste-Away Time Release Gels.


    *Precautions - If at anytime the water turns cloudy, TURN ON YOUR SKIMMER. DO NOT add more Re-Fresh or Waste-Away until the water clears. Do not dose both on the same day. Proceed slowly with dosing Waste-Away. If the tank becomes cloudy do not increase the amount of Waste-Away. A little bit each day or twice a day is better than a single large dose.


    What's Included?

    • Dr. Tim's Dinoflagellate Treatment Recipe Card
    • Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh
    • Dr. Tim's Waste-Away
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