300w THH Deluxe Aquarium Heater Bundle


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    Keeping a stable temperature in your aquarium is extremely important for maintaining a happy and healthy livestock. Although you can get by with a simple standalone heating unit, serious hobbyists recognize the value in using a temperature controller to limit temperature swings and to protect their livestock in the event of heater failure. This bundle combines Finnex’s THH 300W Deluxe+ corrosion-resistant titanium heating element with the Finnex HC-810M Controller to prevent temperature catastrophes in your tank.



    • Precise digital control of aquarium temperature
    • Easy-to-read LED display
    • Adjustable high & low temperature settings with audio alerts 
    • Dual-relay protection
    • Memory-equipped controller resumes preset settings after power off
    • Corrosion-resistant titanium heating element w/ out of water sensor protection + audio alert
    • Fast warm up with low surface temperature
    • Includes heat guard to protect livestock from burns


    Finnex HC-810M Digital Heater Controller

    Precision digital control with adjustable high/low temperature settings and audible alarms to keep you in full control of your aquarium water temperature*. You can have extra ease of mind knowing this controller features dual-relays, doubling the protection, and ensuring that the heater will turn off when it’s supposed to.

    *Please note that the temperature probe is designed to work in saltwater systems only.


    Finnex THH-300S Deluxe Titanium Heating Element with Sensor

    The Finnex THH Deluxe Plus titanium heating tubes feature an independent out-of-water safety sensor, which will detect if the heater tube is exposed to air and automatically cut power to the heating element. This added safety feature prevents premature damage to the heating element and surrounding equipment. The tube’s titanium body is virtually unbreakable and corrosion resistant, and its plastic guard protects your livestock by preventing direct contact with the heating tube.


    Controller Specifications

    • Voltage: 100-120V
    • Range: 0-99°F
    • Accuracy: ±2°F
    • Max Load: 800 Watts
    • Overload Fuse: 10A
    • Memory: Yes


    Heating Element Specifications

    • Wattage: 300
    • Amp: 2.7
    • Tank Size: 40-80 gallons
    • Overall Length: 10.63 inch


    Other Bundles / Sizes Available

    • 500 Watt Finnex THH Heater + HC-810M Controller
    • 800 Watt Finnex THH Heater + HC-810M Controller


    Finnex THH Deluxe+ Heater Comparison Chart




    Tank Size

    Overall Length




    40-80 gal

    10.63 inch




    70-130 gal

    14.57 inch




    140-265 gal

    17.32 inch


    What’s Included?

    1x Finnex TH-300S Deluxe + Heating Tube with Sensor

    1x Finnex HC-810M Digital Heater Controller

    More Information
    Dimensions 10.63" Length
    Included Mounting Suction Cup
    WiFi No
    Power Consumption 300 watts
    Controller Type Heating Only or Cooling Only (Single Stage)
    Temperature Range 0°F - 99°F
    Additional Notes *For saltwater systems only
    Temperature Control Controller (Included)
    Alarms Audible, Visual
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