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24" XHO LED Light Kit (OPEN BOX)

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The Reef Bright XHO LED fixture bundle has taken the things we love about T5 fluorescents, and packaged them in an updated LED format, delivering excellent PAR, even light distribution, and incredible coloration.T5 fluorescents have been a mainstay of aquarium lighting for decades, and have been a gold-standard for even light distribution, spectrum, and simple setup. The Reef Brite XHO strips do an excellent job of replicating and even surpassing T5 performance, while addressing some of the drawbacks of fluorescent lighting. With the included mounting bracket and in-line dimmers, this LED fixture is a sleek-looking and complete lighting solution for everything from softies to SPS.



  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Better PAR than T5
  • No bulbs to maintain
  • Lengths to suit popular aquarium sizes
  • Dimmable
  • Bluetooth controller-ready


Excellent PAR & Coverage.

Reef Brite XHO strips come in a variety of lengths which are designed to run end-to-end over most standard aquariums, and due to the numerous LED diodes that run the length of the strips, rather than being clustered in one spot, hotspots and shading are minimized. Reef Brite LEDs also have excellent lighting efficiency and will run for years without maintenance, unlike T5 bulbs which have to be replaced regularly. 


Utilizing three Actinic Blue XHO strips and two 50/50 XHO strips in one fixture, you can expect evenly distributed PAR numbers that will surpass T5 tubes of the same length, while avoiding hot spots commonly associated with LEDs. At the recommended mounting height of ten inches from the water surface, you can adjust the light output with the dimmers to meet the needs of softy, mixed reef, and even SPS dominated aquariums. 


Simple Control

Included with each light set are two independent channels that can be dimmed with the in-line dimming system. The In-Line Dimmer has six intensity settings to accommodate a range of PAR to suit your particular coral's needs. The dimmers will also remember your settings after a power cycle. This allows it to work well with an external outlight timer or aquarium controller.


When combined with the optional Bluetooth LED Controller (sold seperately), you have a wireless lighting solution that will produce great results for any reef tank. The Bluetooth Controller is easy to install and simple to use, and opens up new programming options for your Reef Brite LEDs. The Bluetooth LE Controller has a built in battery and internal memory so you never have to worry about losing your light settings or reprogramming in the event of power interruptions. The Reef Brite App is available for free download and is compatible with Apple or Android devices.



  • Recommended Mounting Height: 10”
  • Recommended Lighting Area: 24” x 24”
  • LED Distribution: 12 LEDs per foot
  • LED Wattage: 3w per LED (driven at approx 50%)
  • XHO Strip Dimensions: 1.85" W x 1.1" H x 24”L
  • Fixture Dimensions: 10.5”W x 2.74”H x 24”L
  • Power Cord: 6ft


What’s Included?

1x Black 5-Hole LED Mounting Bracket

3x 24" Actinic Blue XHO LED Strip Lights

2x 24" 50/50 XHO LED Strip Lights

2x In-Line LED Dimmers

1x Wire Hanging Kit

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Product Questions

I have a 90 gallon tank 48L x 12W x 24H with this light be the right fit for my tank?
Question by: Bryant on Apr 3, 2023, 9:11 PM
The lenght of this fixture is only 24", so half as long as your aquarium. Unless it is a fish only system, it probably would not provide sufficient light for corals.
Answer by: Scott F. (BRS Staff) on Apr 28, 2023, 3:18 PM