24" Recurve 60 LED Fixture (OPEN BOX) - Maxspect

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    Great for tanks up to 27" long!

    Maximum Coverage - 35" x 32"

    Effective Coverage - 32" x 26"


    Future of Aquatic Lighting

    The Razor Recurve LED Light Fixture is easily the future of reef tank lighting. With industry-leading Cree LEDs spread throughout 6 different channels, that provide ultimate color rendition and intensity. The Recurve lights use traditional LED arrays, but then also includes a strip of LEDs on the outer wings, that can be angled and adjusted for your tanks lighting requirements. The LED strips can be blended to mimic almost any T5 lamp color, and are encased in a specialized diffuser that neutralizes the disco-ball effect created from traditional LEDs. 

    • Plug and Play Control
    • Enhanced Coral Growth and Coloration
    • 30° Adjustable Flaps
    • Ultra-Slim Aluminum Alloy Frame
    • Connects to Other Recurve Fixtures
    • 6 Programmable Channels
    • Includes Tank-Top Mounting Legs
    • Wireless Control With iOS and Android*


    Sleek and Metallic

    Not only does the Razor Recurve surpass the function test, it also looks great!. The aluminum body with a mixture of high gloss and matte finish provide excellent contrast and will help enhance the look of any modern aquarium.


    Variable Geometry Flaps

    Each flap or wing can be individually adjusted with up to 30° of tilt. If you have a wider tank you will probably want the wings at a full spread, where narrower tanks will want to tilt the flaps down to help concentrate the light into a tighter package. The flaps house a mixture of LEDs housed in a specialized diffuser that creates the illusion of an actual T5 lamp, without the additional heat or power consumption. The custom LED mixture lets you mimic many different popular T5 lamps, or create your own special blend. 


    Wider Coverage - Deeper Penetration

    The Razor Recurve was made to fit your tank! The variable flaps allow you to get the perfect spread of light, but the high-powered center mounted LED clusters will push the light down to the bottom of the deepest tanks, passing the light requirements for some of the most sensitive corals. 


    Ultimate Control

    Plug and Play operation means you do not have to purchase any additional controllers or software to operate and program the Razor Recurve LED Fixtures. Each Recurve features a LED monitor and control dial where you can easily program, and customize other settings and features of the LED fixture. Customize each of the 6 channels to provide your corals with the perfect light.


    *Wireless Control (optional)

    On top of the onboard programming, every Razor Recurve can be connected wirelessly to the Maxspect Syna-G ICV6 Connect Controller (sold separately) which will let you program and control each light channel from any Android or iOS device with the Syna-G app. 


    Master/Slave Connections

    Multiple Recurve fixtures covering your reef can create a virtually shadowless aquarium, and you can connect 2 or more through the master/slave mode to control all of them through a single source. Just program the master and all the slaves will follow the master's program, saving you time, and eliminating possible programming mistakes. 


    LED Specifications:

    Total Number of LEDs per Cluster - 30

    Number of Clusters - 2

    Total Number of LEDs per Strip - 90

    Number of LED Strips- 2


    Six Programmable Channels

    Channel A (Cluster) - Deep Blue

    Channel B (Cluster) - Cool & Warm White

    Channel C (Strip)- Deep Red

    Channel D (Strip)- Cyan

    Channel E (Strip)- Blue

    Channel F (Strip)- Violet & Deep Blue



    Dimensions - 23.6" L x 17.5" W x 4.6" H 

    Power Consumption - 160W @ 120VAC

    Ballast - Meanwell LRS-200024

    Warranty - 12 Months


    What's Included?

    1x 24" Razor Recurve LED Fixture

    1x Power Supply

    1x Mounting Leg Set


    Note: Wireless control requires Maxspect Syna-G ICV6 Controller

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