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10 Gallon Standard Sump Baffle Kit (OPEN BOX)

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The Fiji Cube Sump Baffle Kit is the premier option for creating a custom, economical sump for your reef without the high cost typically associated with having one fabricated for you. These Baffle kits are made to fit a number of common aquarium sizes and include all of the necessary components to create partitions in the aquarium. The 10 gallon kit includes two baffle sets to create a drain compartment that can also hold a reactor or mechanical filter, a skimmer compartment, and the return pump chamber, and the return pump baffles include trays for media and/or bubble trap foam. All that’s needed aside from the kit is an appropriately sized aquarium and the silicone sealant. 


The Sump Baffle Kit uses strong, quality parts throughout. After securing the baffles in place, just apply aquarium silicone to the joints between the baffles and the aquarium, allow for curing time, and you’re ready to go! 



  • Baffle slots allow customization of spaces for protein skimmer, media reactor, refugium and other equipment
  • Adjustable water level (4.5” to 8”)
  • 2 Media trays to hold foams or media
  • Cast acrylic construction
  • Silicone ready
  • Fits standard Aqueon aquariums


What’s Included?

  • 1x fixed height baffle slot (1st slot)
  • 1x water height adjustable baffle slot (2nd slot)
  • 2x bio-foams
  • 2x media trays (to hold foams or filter media)
  • 1x bubble trap baffle slot (3rd slot)

Note: Aquarium not included and is for illustration purposes only.

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