ZT-6800A QMaven Series LED Light - Zetlight

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ZT-6800A QMaven Series LED Light - Zetlight

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Quick Overview

Recommended spread up to 40" x 20"

We have really grown to like the Zetlight QMaven series of lights for their low cost, and high quality components. With top of the line Bridgelux LEDs that have been placed throughout the fixture and the dense 40w LED groupings that simulate the intensity of natural sunlight. 

  • Apex Compatible

  • Easy to Program

  • Remote Control

  • Dense LED Groupings

  • Includes Mounting Legs


Full Details

Zetlight Functional Style

The QMaven lights are made of aluminum housing that promotes heat transfer while keeping a thin and lightweight fixture. The moonlight strips are built right into the edges of the fixture giving it a very modern look while emitting a beautiful blue accent light.


Smart Fan Technology

LED lights have a very specific temperature they like to run at for maximum efficiency and lifespan. The ZT-6800 has a temperature display to let you know exactly how warm your fixture is running. The fans built into the fixture will automatically turn on and adjust their speed to help remove any excess heat. 


Superior Control

Control your Zetlight ZT-6800A with your Neptune Apex Controller, or the included onboard controller and remote control. With up and over 99 different settings selecting the right color and intensity will never be a problem. 


Flexible Mounting Solutions

Included are easy to install mounting legs that can easily mount onto the rim of any glass or acrylic tank up to 1.2" thick. The legs can extend to fit aquariums as long as 47" and tuck in as tight as 28.3". A hanging kit can also be used to suspend the fixture from ceilings, wall brackets or inside of a hood. If you are going to mount the light within a canopy, we do recommend keeping a few inches between the fan and the top of the canopy to allow proper airflow around the fixture.


Lighting Coverage:

  • Max Spread - 48" x 24"
  • Recommended Spread - 40" x 20"



  • Max tank length: 50"
  • Min Tank length: 35.4"
  • Fixture Dimensions: 31.9" x 10.2" x 1.6" (LxWxH)
  • Total Power: 230W
  • Lumens: 11000LM
  • Tank Thickness: up to 1.2"


Number of LEDs:

2x 40W Dense Group White 12000K

8x Violet 410-420nm

30x Royal Blue 450-465nm

3x Red 620-630nm

3x Green 520-535nm

2x Orange 610-620nm


What's Included

1x Zetlight ZT-6800A LED fixture

1x Mounting Leg set

1x Power Supply

1x Hanging Kit

1x IR Remote Control


Note: Apex to Zetlight Connection Cable required for Apex control, sold separately


3 Items

  • Amazing for the value! By Debbie on 4/27/2017

    This light is great. Beautiful outside and cool border light of blue. Easily programmed. Gives bright, shimmering light. Needed an extra part from Zetlight and they were very helpful and repsonsive. Very happy!
  • Great Light By E on 2/11/2017

    Like the previous reviewer this is my first LED light. Unlike some of the other options this light is adjusted by changing the intensity of all the blues at once or all the 'color' lights at once or the two white light clusters at once or the violet lights all at once. I guess what I am saying is - one drawback is you don't get to set spectrum and then use one toggle to raise intensity.
    But, since I also bought the seneye, I have had no trouble setting up this light. I'm very happy with the way it looks but also with the light it produces. I was able to produce a very nice mid day bluish white peak that produces excellent shimmer with absolutely no disco ball color separation effect. I see no color separation at all with this light as I have it setup.
    Since I have only had it a month I can't speak to how it grow corals. But I can say I was able to get a very satisfying white/blue color with a PUR of around 70-75% and the PAR values of 50-300 I was looking for.
    Last thing I will say is the Power supply is in fact big and it will make a little noise. But my reef octopus dc return pump is louder.
  • Nice Light By ReefAddict on 12/18/2016

    I just got the Zetligjt 6800 A and really like the product. This is my first LED so i was not sure what to expect. Asthetically, the light looks great over the tank. It is thin, and has an interesting blue light band in the front which can be turned on or off. The cooling fans are extremely quiet. It came with multiple mounting options as well. The lights are bright and it is easy to change the colors. I do not have the wifi add-on but do not think it is necessary. The only negative is the the power supply is big and has a slight hum to it, but it is not too noticible. I am looking forward to seeing how the corals react.


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