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Yellow Colour-Tracer Silicone Tubing - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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2 Meter Yellow Silicone Tubing - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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4 Meter Yellow Silicone Tubing - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

SKU: 211474

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8 Meter Yellow Silicone Tubing - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

SKU: 211478

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    Color Code Your Dosing Pump Tubing!

    Skimz Colored Silicone Tubing is perfect if you want to color-coordinate your dosing pump tubing to your plumbing and other equipment, or simply just want an easy way to reference between the different tubes coming off your dosing pumps. Silicone tubing is super versitile, flexible, makes tighter turns without kinking, and meets FDA standards making it more superior than traditional vinyl tubing. Each package comes with a single piece of Skimz Orange Colored Silicone Tubing, in the size you choose. 


    Three Sizes Available:

    • 2 Meter
    • 4 Meter
    • 8 Meter



    Inside Diameter - 4mm

    Outside Diameter - 6mm


    Using colored tubing can make your plumbing easier in almost every way. By using different colors for different additives, flow directions, or really whatever you may need you can match the colors up to simplify connections, quick reference to different solutions, or just match the color of your equipment and other plumbing to keep things looking clean and sharp.

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    Product Name Yellow Colour-Tracer Silicone Tubing - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)
    SKU Yellow Colour-Tracer Silicone Tubing - Skimz
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