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UP36 Sumpro Sump
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  • UP36 Sumpro Sump
  • UP36 Sumpro Sump
  • UP36 Sumpro Sump
  • UP36 Sumpro Sump
  • UP36 Sumpro Sump
  • UP36 Sumpro Sump

UP36 Sumpro Sump - Skimz

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Quick Overview

Sumps are a great addition to any fresh or saltwater tank. From adding additional water volume to area for heaters, reactors, probes, and any other life support equipment you may want to add. Many tanks are already drilled or can be drilled for a sump to be added.

Skimz Sumps are by far one of the best sumps for the money and packed with features all reefers will value.

  • Dimensions: 36” L x 15” W x 15” H

  • Skimmer Chamber: 13” x 14”

  • Refugium Chamber: 6" x 14"

  • Return Chamber: 8” x 14”

  • Approximate Water Volume: 32 gallons

  • Top Off Volume: 2.7 gallons

  • Skimmer Chamber Water Level: Adjustable from 7” – 9” with Level-O-Matic

We suggest choosing the largest sump that you can fit in the space allowed.


Full Details

The features of the Skimz Sumpro series have been designed with the advanced reefer in mind, many of which you will normally only find on expensive, high end sumps. All Skimz sumps include integrated probe holders, filter socks, tube holders and an adjustable skimmer chamber. With a super clear front acrylic window allowing you see your equipment without any distortion and all other sides are white to keep things bright and super sharp looking.


DuoFlo Sock Chamber

With the importance of crystal clear water every Skimz sump comes with a DuoFlo tiered filter sock system. The system incorporates two filter socks of different lengths in a series allowing for fewer changes of both filter socks, and the ability to install a progressive micron system of filter socks.



Allows quick and steady adjustments of the water height in the skimmer chamber by controlling an adjustable baffle. There are no thumb screws to mess around with like many of the competitors and your hands will stay dry when adjusting the baffle allowing your choice of skimmer to perform at its prime level.


Probe Holders

Each Skimz Sumpro Sump comes with 4 integrated probe holders that will accompany any type of probe up to ½” diameter.


Dosing Tubes

Dosing tubes can always be a source of clutter and headache to keep looking clean and not a tangled mess. Every Skimz Sumpro sump comes with 4 dosing tubes letting you dose anything you want from trace element solutions, calcium reactor effluent, nitrate reactors, or anything else that uses standard 3/16” tubing.


Top-Off Chamber

Select Skimz models even include and integrated top-off chamber to house freshwater, just add an ATO unit and your set. The compartment that is dedicated for fresh top off water even includes a perfectly fitting lid that includes notches allowing the ATO's power cord and tubing to sneak through without modification.


Refugium Chamber

The Refugium Chamber on select models of the Sumpro’s will allow you to grow beneficial macroalgae to help combat nutrient build up as well as house zooplanktons like copepods and amphipods. The Refugium section does have white acrylic baffles keeping the light in the refugium and from spilling out onto other equipment.


What’s In the Box:
1x Sumpro UP36
1x Sock Cover
1x Level-O-Matic Control Knob and Nut
1x Spillway Gate
1x Spillway Sponge
1x Chiller Hose Cover
1x Heater Cover plate
1x El-M300 Filter Sock
1x EL-S300 Filter Sock
4x Silicone Dosing Tube
4x Dosing Tube Hose Barbs and Nuts
2x Switchable PVC Pipe Cover
8x Switchable Cover Thumbscrews
4x Probe Holder Thumbscrews

Skimz Sump Comparison Chart

Model Approx water volume Skimmer Chamber Skimmer Chamber Water Height Refugium Chamber Return Chamber Built in Top-off reservoir Overall Dimensions
UP18 19 Gal 12" x 13" Adjustable 7" - 9" N/A 5" x 17" N/A 18" L x 18" W x 15" H
UP22 16 Gal 11.5" x 11" Adjustable 7" - 9" N/A 5" x 11.5" N/A 22" L x 12" W x 15" H
UP30 27 Gal 14" x 14" Adjustable 7" - 9" N/A 8" x 14" 2.0 Gal 30" L x 15" W x 15" H
UP34 30 Gal 13" x 14" Adjustable 7" - 9" 5" x 14" 8" x 14" 2.4 Gal 34" L x 15" W x 15" H
UP36 32 Gal 13" x 14" Adjustable 7" - 9" 6" x 14" 8" x 14" 2.7 Gal 36" L x 15" W x 15" H
UP39 35 Gal 14" x 14" Adjustable 7" - 9" 8" x 14" 8" x 14" 3.0 Gal 39" L x 15" W x 15" H


3 Items

  • Excellent sump less than perfect packaging By Eric on 2/23/2017

    So after having read the reviews it seemed everyone was pleased with the Sump, problem appears to be it arriving in one piece. So I placed an order and you guessed it cracked Sump. The boys at UPS must have used it as a tackling dummy since the box was dented and bruised in several places. I contacted BRS and they were very helpful. In a few days I had another Sump sent to me. This time the box it came in was much heavier and it arrived intact.
    Now this Sump for the price is outstanding. I never realized how loud my tank had been with the water gurgling, flowing. After installing my wife called me the following day at work to tell me the pumps must be off since the aquarium is too quiet. The design is very practical and straight forward. The fresh water reservoir is very convenient and eliminates extra clutter underneath. Would have been 5 stars if not for shipping issue.
  • Major shipping issues By trickedout900 on 7/5/2016

    The packaging for this sump is not adequate. The first two sumps I received were busted. BRS was great about the whole process and after receiving the third sump I thought I had finally succeeded in getting a usable one. Turns out it has a hairline crack that was only found after I leak tested it. Thankfully I tested before I placed it in my home. Spend your money on a better packaged product, the sump quality looks to be okay though if you can get one shipped that isn't cracked. Good luck.
  • Decent, but could use improvement... By Doug on 6/9/2016

    Sooo, in 4 years of purchasing from BRS I have never endured an experience like the one I did when I purchased this sump.... The sump quality is average, but the direct shipping practices from Skimz is TERRIBLE... BRS took care of me after 2 damaged sumps were shipped from Skimz, so I'm not complaining about BRS. In fact, they are working on correcting the shipping issues and I feel that once that is resolved these sumps would be a great purchase. Other than being damaged when they arrived, the sump looks and feels great. Maybe someone that received a non-damaged sump will provide a better review... All i know is that BRS stands behind their customers 110% and for that, I will always be a customer.


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