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Enhances Aquarium Filtration to Maintain Consistently Clear and Odorless Water

  • Safe for both Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Fits Rimmed Tanks up to 1"
  • Rated for 1-300 Gallons


The Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier is designed to enhance the natural filtering process that occurs in every aquarium. By hanging partially submerged on the rim of the tank, it utilizes a circuit board and submerged probes to read the electrical conductivity of the water. The clarifier then emits a precise and safe charge into the water, neutralizing the negative charge of polluting particles and filter media.

Floating particles, such as fish waste and uneaten food, carry a negative electrical charge that prevents them from clumping together. This can lead to water pollution as they remain suspended indefinitely. The Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier works similarly to how an electrostatic air filter or air purifier functions, but in an underwater application. It elevates the aquarium’s natural ability to remove polluting particles by boosting the transfer of electrons (oxidation and reduction) within the tank through natural electricity.

By enhancing the natural process already taking place, the Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier allows polluting particles to be instantly neutralized, promoting clumping and eventual capture within the tank’s filtration system. Once caught in the filter, the particles can be broken down naturally by bacteria or exported from the tank according to the preference of the tank owner. The result is clear, clean, and odor-free water that is maintained for as long as the clarifier is used alongside proper tank filtration.


Do I Still Need to Perform Water Changes and Other Maintenance?

Yes. It’s important to note that water clarity alone doesn’t necessarily indicate the overall health of the aquarium for fish. There are invisible pollutants that can still be present and pose risks to aquatic life.


Note: The Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier will not function properly in aquariums utilizing grounding probes or titanium heaters that act as grounding probes.


What's Included?

Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier

Power Supply

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