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Thomas' 4ft SPS Dominant Lighting Bundle - Bulk Reef Supply (DISCONTINUED)

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1 x 48" Coral Cover Hybrid LED Light Fixture - Aquatic Life   + $0.00
2 x Radion XR15 G5 PRO LED Light Fixture - EcoTech Marine (Discontinued)   + $0.00
2 x Radion XR15 G5 & G6 Diffuser Upgrade - Ecotech Marine   + $0.00

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Earn 8,415 Reward Points Earn 16,830 Reward Points

    Creating the perfect lighting setup is one of the biggest hurdles newcomers face in the hobby. Why not take out the guesswork? We've asked a few of our long-time hobbyists for their recommendations based on their own trail and error-- they've done the experimenting, so you don't have to! Here, we've compiled Thomas' lighting suggestions for a 4ft long SPS-dominant tank. 


    Bundle Includes:


    Aquatic Life Coral Cover

    For mid-sized tanks, hybrid lights have quickly taken over as the go-to lighting solution for nearly any reef setup. This isn’t hard to understand, since the combination of a widely dispersed light source creates even coverage, while the focused intensity and dynamic lighting effects of a pendant LED add the perfect compliment. Traditionally, Hybrid fixtures combine T5 bulbs with LED pendant fixtures. Thomas' Hybrid fixture of choice-- the Coral Cover-- actually utilizes LED diodes with presets that mimic popular T5 bulb combinations. This means less power draw and ZERO bulb changes, all while providing a wide blanket of supplemental lighting to reduce shadows. The Coral Cover is also App-controlled, so you switch up and adjust the spectrum and intensity easily with your fingertips. Each panel can be programmed and controlled individually and can tilt 15 degrees, ensuring the perfect setup to suit your needs. 


    EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 PRO

    This package combines the supplemental lighting of the Coral Cover with two EcoTech Radion XR15 PRO LED pendant fixtures. Quite simply, Ecotech Marine Radions are the LEDs we most often choose to light our own tanks. With the chance to use just about any light we want, there are probably more Radions in use around BRS than any other LED fixture. Through years of experience, we’ve seen the proven results in our growing, thriving reefs. 


    XR15 LED Diffusers

    The bundle also includes two diffusers for your Radion XR15s. Diffusing LED lights greatly helps blend the overall spectrum into one cohesive light source. Traditionally aquarium LEDs have used optics to increase the penetration of the light, but doing so actually makes each LED into its own little spotlight, making it harder for colors to blend. With the overall amount of light available in modern reef tank LEDs, more power is not always what's needed for better results, and throughout our testing, we have found that evenly spread light that is blended properly is more important for coral health and growth.

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