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Super Actinic T5 39w - Giesemann

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Super Actinic T5 54w - Giesemann

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Very Strong White/Violet, Pure Actinic Spectrum

  • Increases the fluorescence effect of coral and shells
  • Very long color stability through quality phosphors
  • Reinforcement of all colors in fish and corals
  • Pure actinic light spectrum
  • Promotes coral growth
  • Amazing effects of all sea creatures
  • Made in Germany

Some corals reach its beauty and expression only by special fluorescent colors. Like many mussel species these animals will be found in the sea at water depths where specific UV-components are available. Therefore we have developed a fluorescent lamp that will bring these colors into the home aquarium.

The Giesemann SUPER ACTINIC is a high-performance T5 tube, emitting a very strong, pure actinic spectrum, which generates a light white/violet effect in your aquarium. SUPER ACTINIC increases the fluorescence, enhance a maximum fluorescence from your colorful corals and lends itself to an ideal in supplementation of existing metal halide or LED lighting.

T5 lighting has been a staple in the hobby with the ability to fine tune the spectrum of the fixture with different bulbs. Many successful reef tanks have used T5 bulbs as their primary light source. A mix of actinic and daylight bulbs will fill most fixtures however with all of the different options if you wish to bring out certain colors in corals or fish, there is usually a bulb that will help with that. T5 lighting is good for most tanks up to about 2 feet deep.


Tip: By keeping your water crystal clear will help increase the light penetration into the tank.


BRS takes the utmost care when packaging and shipping bulbs.  We are always trying to find the best possible way to ship bulbs and minimize breakage.  We are very successful at shipping bulbs, however if damage is to ever occur during transit please just let us know as soon as possible.

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Product Name Super Actinic T5 - Giesemann
SKU Super-Actinic-T5-Giesemann
Lighting Type Fluorescent
Bulb Color/Temperature Actinic
Fluorescent Bulb Wattage 24 watt, 39 watt, 54 watt, 80 watt
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