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Cycling Kit for Cold Water Fish

  • Helps with Biological Filtration in New Setups
  • Includes Gold'Activ Water Conditioner
  • 1 Box Treats up to 7.5 Gallons


The Start Up Goldfish kit pairs Prodibio Gold'Activ and Aqua'Bacter. It allows for the use of tap water in aquariums for goldfish and provides the necessary bacteria for a strong and efficient nitrogen cycle.

Gold'Activ eliminates toxic substances from tap water like chlorine and chloramines. Formulated specially for goldfish, it helps protect their skin, mucus, gills, and fins. In addition, the natural ammo blocker present in Gold'Activ traps ammonia and reduces the production of nitrites.

Aqua'Bacter contains natural nitrifying bacterial strains adapted to cold water, allowing the rapid establishment of biological filtration. These bacteria are selected for their ability to transform ammonia into nitrites and nitrites into nitrates.


Dosing Instructions: Use when setting up a new aquarium. Each box treats up to 7.5 Gallons.

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