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    CaribSea’s South Sea’s Coral Tree kit provides the materials you need to create incredible aquascapes faster and easier than you would have thought possible. Wow your friends and family with rockscapes that turn natural reef rock into gravity-defying, awe-inspiring structures. The Coral Tree provides lots of great mounting areas and platforms for your corals to attach and grow.



    • Perfect reef tanks of all sizes
    • Create custom combinations for a unique rockscape
    • 100% safe for all marine animals
    • Sustainable & environmentally friendly


    Don't worry about having to drill or hammer your rock in order to get that jutting shelf, CaribSea has taken care of the hard part. The South Seas Coral Tree kit includes several rock pieces in a variety of natural shapes and sizes, which are then drilled to accept the stabilizing rod which will hold everything in place. Once your dream rockscape is in place, you can secure the rock into a solid structure with the addition of some MarcoRocks Aquascaping Mortar.


    The South Seas Coral Tree won’t impact the reefs or our ocean’s natural resources. The South Seas Coral Tree kits are made of a naturally occurring aragonitic base rock, which is harvested from natural terrestrial sources, making it the perfect option for the environmentally friendly aquarist. This type of rock contains a network of micro and macro pores that intertwine within the rocks structure, creating lots of surface area for natural nitrifying bacteria.


    How much rock is included in this kit?

    The kit includes 4 larger primary pieces of rock  as well as 3 small spacer/cap pieces. The weight will vary slightly, but you can typically expect to get about 30-35lbs of rock with your kit.


    How big are the pieces?

    The finished rock structure will vary in size depending on how you choose to arrange the rock pieces, but you can typically expect the finished “sculpture” to be about 15 to 20 inches wide by about 18 inches tall.


    Can I request specific shapes and sizes?

    Due to the unique and pre-kitted nature of of these kits, we are unable to take requests for specific sizes, shapes, or weights.


    What's Included?

    1x CaribSea South Seas Coral Tree Kit

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