SM167 Monzter DC Internal Protein Skimmer - Skimz

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SM167 Monzter DC Internal Protein Skimmer - Skimz

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Quick Overview

BRS Recommended for tanks up to:

  • Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 120 gallons

  • Medium Bioload - 150 gallons

  • Light Bioload - 200 gallons

The Skimz SM167 DC Internal Protein Skimmer gives you high performance skimming at a great value. Adjustable QuietPro QPS4.0 pump is housed within the skimmer body resulting in a compact design that fits in most sumps.

Footprint - 8.75" x 8.75

Height - 22.25" H

Recommended Water Height - 7.0" - 9.5"


Full Details

Skimz SM167 Monzter Protein Skimmer

The SM series of protein skimmers are ideal for tanks that do not have a lot of space in the sump available. The SM167 has a tiny footprint with a space saving pump design that keeps everything very compact. The new output valve design allows for more control over the water level inside of the protein skimmer compared to previous models. The Skimz SM167 the perfect protein skimmer aquariums from 50 up to 200 gallons


Updated QPS4.0 DC Controllable Pump

All Skimz SM167 skimmers now come with the updated QPS4.0 controllable DC powered pump. QuietPro skimmer pumps include a LED display controller that allows you to fully control the flow through the pump into the skimmer body. There are multiple different speed settings and a feed mode that will turn the skimmer off for 10 minutes when it is activated. Having the ability to control the flow through your skimmer allows you to tune the protein skimmer for your tanks requirements correctly. The new QuietPro pumps also feature a soft-start program that slowly ramps up to the desired speed over the course of a few seconds.  


Skimmer Specifications:

  • Dimension - 8.75" L x 8.75" W x 22.25" H
  • Body Diameter - 6.29"
  • Neck Diameter - 3.5"
  • Suggested Operating Depth - 7" - 9.5"


Pump Specifications:

  • Pump - Skimz Quiet Pro QPS4.0
  • Air Intake - 900 - 1200 L/h
  • Total Watts - 12 - 19W
  • Voltage - 24VDC
  • Operating Depth - 7" to 9.5"
  • Power Cord Length - 74" (pump to controller) 59" Controller to power supply 


What's Included?

1x SM167 Skimmer Body

1x SM167 Skimmer Cup with lid

1x QPS4.0 DC Pump

1x QPS4.0 DC Pump Controller

1x QPS4.0 Venturi

1x SM167 AIr Silencer with Tubing


4 Items

  • SM 167 on 75g/30g Rocks once adjusted By Ferrell on 11/20/2017

    1st skimmer I’ve purchased since my external skimmer days and air stones. Lol. So I’m getting more familiar with these type skimmers. I was running in 8” of sump and constantly overflowing. Did you that for 2 days initially until I could make a stand. Now running beautifully in 7” of water. I just have one complaint: I never could tell when the water exit was fully open, no markings etc. so I tore it all apart from initial run to check all out and put a paint dot on the adjusting plate so I could then tell. Some type of index would be nice. I can see a gate valve working better.
    All in all very pleased and it’s very quiet. Not silent but VERY quiet. I like that!!!
  • Superb Skimmer! By The new Skimz pumps are amazing! on 10/30/2017

    Been in the hobby for over 25 years and this by far the best skimmer I have ever owned and the quietest. They just upgraded there pump on the Skimz line which top notch! Break in period was only 3-4 days.
  • Don't bother with anything else!!! By Ant on 10/8/2017

    So I had a Nyos on my system for a good 6 months and just got fed up with it. Yes, the build quality was nice and really looked amazing and the customer service was on point too, but bottom line: it didn't work!!! I always had to fiddle with it. I had to adjust the water line 3 different times and even when things seemed good something like new socks would throw it outta wack. On top of that the skimmer cup is the worst. It has this ridiculous dome at the top to catch the skimmate but what would always happen is that it would catch slime underneath it with no easy way to remove it. Plus the cup was small. I was always having to clean it. And probably the worst was the pump. Whenever I had to stop the skimmer, on restart the propeller would knock and knock until finally it would start to draw air in and perform. This would go on for 15+mins sometimes. I know I'm trashing Nyos a lot here, but I do that in order to say this: the Skimz, after only 6 days is outperforming the Nyos in just about every way. It has just about the same footprint but comes with a DC controllable pump and the skimmate cup is gigantic. It's quiet and after only a day and a half it started sucking the brownest slime right out of the water. It just performs amazingly well and at 200 less than the Nyos. This is my second Skimz and yeah I think I'm a believer. They'll have my money next time I need a skimmer. Sorry for the rant guys. -Ant
  • These Skimmers Rock!!! By FLSharkvictim on 9/30/2017

    I have never heard a protein skimmer so quite in my life especially since Skimz has upgraded their pumps to the quite pro pumps which are absolutely incredible. I have owned many different skimmer none of them perform like the Skimz 167 Monzter series. What sold me on this Singapore MFG Skimmer is if there is anything that ever breaks or does not run the proper way Bulk Reef Supply will send out the replacement part no questions asked. Any other MFG is a living nightmare on their warranties. HIGHLY RECOMMEND AND THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK...


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