Small CO2 Scrubber (1.1lb Capacity)

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Take control of your aquarium’s pH with an IceCap CO2 Scrubber

If you’re struggling to maintain pH or if your aquarium suffers from chronically low pH despite your alkalinity being spot-on, connecting an IceCap CO2 scrubber to the air intake of your protein skimmer is a great way to raise and keep your pH level within the ideal range. The addition of a CO2 scrubber can deliver quick and often dramatic results, raising the pH in your aquarium through the reduction of excess dissolved carbon dioxide. This in turn can have very visible results through improved coral growth and overall health.


The pH in a reef tank should be around 8.3 for optimal coral growth. Having low pH results in slower coral growth, so by boosting it with the IceCap CO2 scrubber, you’ll be able to achieve faster growth and experience fewer pH swings. With your pH level stable, coral growth and nutrient uptake will increase. Calcium and magnesium consumption are also likely to increase as you raise the pH level, so be sure to continue testing your major water parameters along the way to ensure your reef flourishes.


Recommended Use

The IceCap CO2 Scrubber can be installed on just about any aquarium with a protein skimmer. Just connect the tubing from the air intake of your protein skimmer to the output side of the CO2 scrubber. You may be able to remove the silencer from your protein skimmer. Next, remove the lid of the scrubber and fill the reactor with the CO2 absorbing media of your choice and place it back inside the scrubber.


Finally, put the lid back on the scrubber and tighten it. Test the pH level of your aquarium water hourly (or as frequently as possible) during the first few days of use. An aquarium controller such as the Neptune Apex or other pH monitor with a pH probe is the ideal way to track your pH.


Once the pH level begins to drop (usually after 2-4 weeks), it’s time to replace the media inside. Most carbon dioxide removal media changes colors once it’s depleted, so you’ll likely have a visual indicator as well to help you determine when it’s time to swap it out, but pH will be the true deciding factor.



  • Dimensions: 4.5”L x 4.5"W x 6.5 "H
  • Media Capacity : 1.1lbs (.5kg)
  • Connections : 3/8" Push-Connect Fittings



What’s Included?

  • IceCap Sm. CO2 Scrubber (1.1lb Capacity) w/Built-In hanging-bracket
  • 1kg IceCap Color-Changing CO2 Absorbent Media
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Product Questions

What size co2 scrubber would I need for my waterbox 100 gallon tank?
Question by: David on Sep 1, 2020, 4:09 PM
Hey there-

Great question! Sizing CO2 scrubbers is dictated primarily by how frequently you want to change out the media and how much air draw your skimmer has. I would personally suggest the medium CO2 scrubber for a 100g tank so you can wait longer between media changes but the small icecap CO2 scrubber will still perform perfectly fine on that system as well.

Happy reefing! :)
Answer by: Brad Ohmann on Sep 2, 2020, 8:46 AM